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AG ex boyfriend jeans // Rag & Bone destroyed skinny jeans // Gap legging DIY jeans // Rag & Bone legging jeans // J Brand DIY skinny jeans // Rag & Bone woodford skinny jeans // Blank NYC spray on jeans // Current Elliott loved destroyed skinny jeans

For a girl who loves and lives in denim, I’ve tried my share of styles and brands. I used to think I was for sure a J Brand girl and then it was AG and then I just started branching out and trying on everything I liked. After it’s all said and done, I’ve learned no jean fits the same and you don’t have to be loyal to just one brand. As a petite, finding pieces that fit (in just about anything) is my toughest challenge and it’s no different with jeans. There have been countless times when my heart was set on a pair of jeans, I go to try them on, and they simply don’t work (too big, holes hit my shins). I’m not going to lie, it sucks! But, because I’m a true denim girl and I’m relentless, I always find something that works.

For example…

I can rarely fit into any Gap jeans as of late, but almost 3 years ago I bought the black skinny jeans in the photo at the upper right hand corner. They fit like a glove when I bought them and they’ve kept their shape through the years. Once they started fading I cut my own holes and the rest is history. Those are still one of my favorite, most-worn jeans in my closet! I bought the exact same pair in blue and they have since stretched out and have been given away. Again, a prime example of the same jeans that fit completely different.

I found the J Brand jeans in the upper left hand corner on Ebay. The girl had worn them a couple times and created her own small hole in one of the knees. Her measurements ended up being similar to to mine, so I took a chance. I didn’t have to hem the bottoms and the knee rips were perfect… of course I took my own scissors to them for a little more distressing. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

I was obsessed with a pair of Rag & Bone distressed skinny jeans from a year or so ago (similar to these). I went to try them on and the rips hit my shins. I was so disappointed. Fast forward to last month when I found the cropped version of these jeans on Ebay. I took a chance on the rips and they fit like perfection (bottom left photo)!

Clearly, I’m a little nuts when it comes to my denim, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

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  • I love jeans as well! I’m petite like you, and I have a really hard time finding petite friendly skinnies that fit my calves – the knee part of the jeans ends up too low on my legs! A lot like you, I’ve bought pretty much every pair of denim I own on Ebay – I even scored a pair of Joe’s Jeans Ex-Boyfriend jeans for $10! It’s a little cold to wear them now, but I can’t wait to break them out. I also bought a pair of J Brand grey denim years ago. They were too long so I cut the hem at the right length for them to be cropped and they’ve kept their shape over the years! Oh, and I had a pair of J Brands that had a ripped knee like the ones you got on Ebay (I’m pretty sure it’s the same wash too!) and wore them so much, the bum ripped! I was so sad when that happened! One brand I haven’t tried is Rag & Bone. Every time I see those jeans on petite gals like you, they look amazing. I need to try a pair of them soon!

    Okay, enough jean geeking out. Have a great weekend Crystalin!

    Bold Subtlety

  • I have been obsessed with jeans too…and distressed ones which hopefully don’t go out of style anytime soon! I am wanting to try the rag and bone skinny jeans. How do you find the comfort after you wear them a few hours? I tried them on but held off . My j brand 620 are so comfy! I got mine on eBay too! Great post! You rock a lot if denim but each look is unique.

  • Haha I’m all about denim too. And when it comes to brands I’m kind of all over the place. Love my Gap always skinny jeans, same as current elliot, 7 FAM, Madewell, BDG….ok I’m going top stop! ;)

  • I love all of these looks. I, too, am denim obsessed! I must say, I love your sunglasses in the top leg and top right photos! Who makes them??

  • I’m also a self proclaimed denim lover and have tried many a brands and totally agree that you have to put the effort into it when it comes to finding jean that fit.

    BTW, Where did you get the jacket (army green with leather paneling/details) paired in the picture with the Current Elliot Love Destroyed? Looks great!

  • Just found your blog and love it! I’m curious if you have any tips for hemming skinny jeans or if you have talked about it in a previous post? I am 5’3″ and got the rag & bone high rise skinny in heritage recently. I love them and have been doing a small double cuff as I debate hemming. Curious if you have any advice? Thanks:)

    • Thank you! I don’t ever hem my jeans myself and most of the time I’m too lazy to take them to my tailor and I’ll just cut the bottoms. I think 90% of my jeans have been cut… I’ve overcome the fear of taking scissors to my jeans (and may be going overboard lol).