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Happy November 1st! I cannot believe it’s already November (and my birthday at the end of the month)… time is seriously flying by. Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about the content on this site. I want to get your feedback on some of the topics you would like to see me cover or see more of. Obviously, I will always write about fashion, lifestyle, my life, my likes, but what else? Is there a particular trend you want to see me wear in an outfit post? Or maybe you want to see more budget friendly product collages? Do you have shopping or styling questions you want me to answer? Whatever it is, I want to hear it! Think of this post as a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire and you aren’t allowed to say nothing, keep it the same. If you don’t have any new ideas, tell me you’re favorite posts. I promise this isn’t to boost my ego, it’s simply my way of finding out what you like about this blog and giving you more of it.

Okay… ready, set, go!

I can’t find the original source of this photo, so I’m giving credit to my friend Liz 

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  • I am pretty budget conscious, so I love when there is a “what you should buy this fall (or other month/season)” with products that fit the bill! I love your style, so it’s nice to find pieces that I can mimic them with :)


    • I’m so glad you like my recipes. A lot of times I think they may be too healthy and bland for most people. I will make this a priority :)

  • First of all, I LOVE your blog and your style. I would definitely like to see more budget friendly buys and also home decor ideas. Also, since I know you’re in the Bay area , I ‘d appreciate what some of your favorite spots around the City are. I LOVE San Francisco, but being on the east coast I can only admire from afar or once or twice a year when I visit. Keep up the good work!!

    • Brenda, thank you so much for your sweet words! I haven’t thought about posting about my favorite spots, but I like it. I will see what I can do :)

  • me (ill speak for my friends as well) would like to see more fashion and home décor entries. also, it would be helpful to be more explicit about prices you paid for the pieces you’re reviewing/featuring since that obviously factors into whether an item is a potential purchase…incl ebay purchases since that would give folks some guidance on pricepoint

    • Thanks so much for your feedback. I have been meaning to mention prices for guidance, so thank you for the reminder :)

  • Love visiting your blog—I always enjoy your outfit posts of course, but I do like more personal posts once in a while. Seeing your styling is always a reason for visiting, but sometimes it’s nice to see what goes on behind the scenes. For instance, your weekend recaps are great. That’s what I think is so wonderful about blogging—you get on a more personal level with those you admire! Thanks for asking this question—keep up the great work! xo

  • Generally, I love your posts. I continue to adore your weekend recap. It’s nice to see personal moments shared since it makes me feel like I get to know you better. But, I also would love to see some more food posts from you! =) I always die over your food related posts (either here or on IG) and since I have similar taste buds (based on photos) I would love to see what it is you’re making.
    I also love your clean aesthetic and would love see some more interiors.

  • would like to see more how to style posts. I like how you take classics, inject a bit of trend, and make it yours. the occasional recipe post is fine esp in the context of w/e recap but otherwise i’d prefer posts related to style, weekend fun, interior design, travel, shopping tips

  • Im in agreement with many others! I would like more budget friendly posts for people like myself who are budget conscious but still want classic styles. I really love your classic and slightly edgy style (and heels and basics with everything). I also want to see more recipes and more food/lifestyle/exercise. Your food always looks delicious and the recipes I have tried have been great. Also I saw the comment above about your food being bland or healthy – but I think thats not true and personally thats what I like seeing – simple, easy and tasty meals people can actually make (not labour intensive all afternoon productions for an unhealthy meal… though of course thats ok once in a blue moon;)

  • I always love your outfit posts and especially when you talk about staples in your closet! I think it would be helpful & interesting if you did a series like “what to wear on a rainy day date” or “what to wear to …” Just a suggestion! I really enjoy your posts!

  • I always read your weekend recaps! Those are some of my favorites posts ever. You always have great photos. The outfit posts are great too, of course. I can always draw inspiration from your classic but unique style.
    I’d love more product collages. It’s always fun to see what others are loving right now, especially when they find super cute products (like that ‘Totes Adorbs’ pillow)! I also think recipes would be great!