New Do


I’ve been leaning toward a new do lately. Of course, the bf wants me to stick with the long locks (I feel like all boys like long hair), but blah, I’m bored! I’m not thinking too short, but perhaps a mid-length like Jessica Biel? But then again, the long severe layers on Lindsey and long hair with volume is just gorgeous! Eeeek…. what do you think? What do you guys do when  you get bored with your hair?

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  • Ughhhh. I think it’s that time of year. I got so sick of my hair that I went and got dramatic bangs and dyed it jet black. I’m in love with it. I found a really great girl who is awesome with long hair. She actually is trying to only cut long hair exclusively. I am happy to pass along her info. I really like Lindsey’s hair style. It would look great on you.



  • i like the midlength – i sometimes find it looks a bit more interesting getting it cut slightly shorter. Or for inspiration of even shorter length: Gwyneth Paltrow & Olivia Palermo look a LOT better with shorter hair, it looks really cute! Also, i wouldn’t trust a guys opinion wholeheartedly, mainly because i think they don’t know what they like until the see it! my ex used to say he didn’t like the idea of a fringe/bangs, but when i got them cut he said it looked a lot cuter, & i’ve never looked back!

    Katie x