New Series: Friday Conversations

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to introduce you to another new series we’re launching this month. One Friday a month, I’ll be answering your questions. Ask me anything – from my life, relationships, fashion, styling, shopping, personal, blogging, business, etc. – you name it and I’m down. I think this will be a fun way to get to know me better, share my experience, and answer some questions you might all share (rather than email you individually).

So, ask away. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email, at with the subject title Friday Conversations. I can’t wait to kick this off!

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  • Hi Crystalin,
    First let me say that I just received the Nike Funnel neck sweatshirt in the mail and I LOVE IT. Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered a second one and one for my daughters.
    My question is: you mentioned you probably won’t wear much of the summer clothes you wore last summer; what are you most look forward to wearing this summer and how will your style change from last year?
    Wendy from RI

    • Yay, I’m so glad! It’s hard not to want to wear it everyday (warning you now lol). And thanks so much for your question and participating in this new series :)

  • Hi! I am interested in what trends you are looking forward to this spring and summer!

    Also, what do you think about overalls, is there an age limit, how do you style them etc.

    Last question…to you have a recommendation for a work bag that fits a laptop?

  • Love your blog and style! One question, I always hear about bloggers who turn their blogs into a business with brands, meaning borrow clothes/shoes from brands to promote on the blog or are given items free to promote. I am sure they can’t do this with every blogger but your page is popular (with me at least) and wanted to know if your blog is run that way or more just for fun?

  • Hi Crystalin!

    Long time fan/lurker of your blog!
    I have a question regarding upkeep of your beautiful dog babies! I have a little white Maltese and have been dealing with tear stains the last 6 months and I was wondering if that is something you had to deal with to keep your dog babies’ faces so white.

    And also, do you have a favorite site to sell your things besides your Instagram?

    Thanks so much for your advice in advance!

  • I adore your style and love following your blog! My question for you is as someone who is starting out building a wardrobe what are some basic pieces that you would recommend investing in?

  • Hi from Spain. Love your site, so i would like to contribute with one question and one suggestion:
    Q: can hoy show us the room you take your mirror selfies in? Where is the light so that the result is so good? Is It natural light or artificial?
    S: We, not fashion bloggers must repeat the same clothes a million times, why don’t you do posts where you show one piece on ten different outfits in the past where you wore It? For example same jeans or same pullover, jacket or boots.

    Thank you