H&M Easy Breezy Spring Collection

Just spotted H&M’s Spring Easy Breezy Conscious Collection and absolutely adore it! The soft white, scalloped detail, and flowy dresses and skirts are so spring, and perfect for the sunny, breezy weather in San Fran. Love that with eco-friendly textiles and organic cotton, these will feel as comfy as they look. The collection drops in stores April 14th, can’t wait!


p.s. Happy Friday! Wishing everyone a fun filled weekend and for those of you celebrating it early, Happy Valentine’s Day

Sweet Tooth

Lately I can’t seem to brush off my cravings for chocolate. I’ve become more obsessed with the decadence of chocolate, just the pure sight of beautifully hand crafted sweets has me smiling (obvs, I’m thinking the vegan versions ;)). In light of V-day, and my current sweet tooth, here’s a look at some mouthwatering treats …

{S’more Nut Bars via, recipe here}

{Chocolate Chip cookie sandwichvia}

{Chocolate Mini Cakes via}

{Chocolate Heart Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches  via}

{Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies via, recipe here}

{S’mores Cookie Sandwich via, recipehere}

{Orea Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe here}

A Look Back…

… at some of the shenanigans from the past couple weeks. I promise these drinks were not all consumed by me lol. Happy Wednesday!

Adventured into Alamo Square where The Painted Ladies reside; had the largest sangrias on a very hot Saturday; Delarosa for yummy herbed bread and a glass of wine;  the best/healthiest smoothie in the world after a round of tennis; fruits and veggies for Super Bowl appetizers; and down to San Jose for the best blended margarita. Want more photo distractions? … click here for gorgeous pictures.

Valentine Crush

Hello lovelies! Here are some of the things that are getting me ready for the oh-so-special Valentine’s day. Not gonna lie, a day for sweets, treats, pink, glitter and love… sounds good to me!

{from left to right}

  1. DIY Valentine Popcorn Invitation from Eat drink Chic
  2. Spicy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies from Martha Stewart
  3. Heart shoe clips from ban.do
  4. Love Stepping Stone Necklace Patina
  5. Cookie Cartons with cute labels from Whipperberry.com
  6. Christian Louboutin Sexy peep-toe pumps Net-a-porter.com
  7. Glitter hearts via
  8. Peonies via
  9. Cupcakes via
  10. Jam Thumbprint Cookies from Cherry Menlove

Weekend Recap

  • Headed to Papalotes Wednesday night for din din. Supposed to be the best “burrito in sf”, but the bf and I will have to disagree, blah.
  • Friday we enjoyed an early glass of wine and appetizers at Delarosas and then netflixed it with Up in the Air.
  • Saturday was almost too hot! Met Kate for lunch at the new Toast on Polk. It’s too bad the menu differs from the Noe Valley location (was disappointed).
  • Met up with a couple friends for sangrias, margaritas, and brewskies on the hottest day in sf (it felt like it).
  • Ran into Dave Chapelle and fam on Chestnut.
  • Sunday we enjoyed coffee, bagels , shorts and t-shirts at 8 am and then walked to the farmers market before Super Bowl shenanigans.

The sunshine brought out everyone and their mothers; bikini clad ladies, flip flops, dresses, sangrias overflowing, and bottomless mimosas. Outside seating never seemed more sought after. Overall though, loved the summer like weather  =)

How was your weekend?

.:link love:.

{via pink wallpaper}

Here’s a list of my favorite links from this week. Enjoy…

favorite Vday post yet!

these straight out of the oven, yum-MAY.

Steven Alan’s Spring 2011 Collection, here, so soft and effortless.

i can’t wait to make these, they look so flippen fantastic!

i’m nowhere near getting hitched, but thesedresses are stunning… she has special occasion dresses too =)

these homemade treats are mouthwatering.

loving her home re-arrange.

can you imagine wearing this, just stunning!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend with lots of wine or pink cocktails!

Workout Update

{via: thingsorganizedneatly}


  • weekly yoga classes
  • lots of strength and endurance exercises (power and speed exercises will be incorporated later). For strength think slowing down and flexing your whole body throughout the whole rep and for endurance think normal/rhythmic pace and snapping or pushing out at the end of the rep.
  • soccer starts in the next couple of weeks
  • still trying to get to the lap pool
  • went on a 17-22 mile bike ride
  • working on my tennis game… hoping to start doubles soon.

What am I eating? I haven’t really made any huge changes – still eating vegan and real foods.

Weekly Staples:

  • lots of brown rice and veggies
  • tacos- black beans, veggies, guacamole
  • sautéed broccolini (garlic, olive oil, red peppers, salt, pepper)
  • trying to pack in as much fruit as possible… it’s a huge staple during the summer when everything is readily available, but tougher for me during the winter months.


  • apples and peanut butter
  • pumpkin seeds/nuts
  • dried fruit bars (unsweetened)
  • Nature’s Path Organic Peanut Choco granola bars
  • baked chips or corn chips
  • vegan cookies from Whole Foods or Peete’s Coffee (once a week)

Overall, I feel great. My flexibility and balance has improved tremendously, my legs are gaining strength (they feel so much better when I run), and my core is  getting stronger! I will post a picture at week 6, stay tuned =) p.s. having a workout partner makes a huge difference.

Yay, it’s Thursday  ♥

What I Want Now

Currently craving dainty, blush tones and tan/brown accessories. With Spring in our horizons (Ok, in a couple of months), I’m already prepping myself for sunny days full of pastels, flowers, and lots of neutrals. Although these are very fitting for the bright days of mid April and May, I could definitely see myself in all of the above all year round. I know…, I’m a sucker for tans and pale pinks; what girl isn’t? p.s. How gorg is the La Topezienne bag? I found it in Style Watch and couldn’t help but notice the size, simplicity, and plush leather; looks like the perfect bag for a little girl with lots of stuff!

  1. La Topezienne Bag $320 winknyc.com
  2. Livia chain mail necklace $125 jcrew.com
  3. Silk Blythe blouse $98 jcrew.com
  4. Tory Burch Reva Bombe Leather Clutch $325 bloomingdales.com
  5. Essie Tart Deco essie.com
  6. Jennifer Fisher Bar Tag Necklace $550 jenniferfisherjewelry.com
  7. LIBBY Wooden Platform Sandals $140 topshop.com

Happy Wednesday

I’m Tumbling

Yeah boooooiiiiii, I’m tumbling! I’ve been meaning to create an account for a while now and with some free time last weekend I finally got down and dirty. What is Tumblr? Millions of people sharing the things they do, find, love, think, or create. I decided this would be my space to share all things glamorous. girly. pink. chic. stylish. glittery. sparkly or just all things I LOVE. By featuring simple layouts and minimal context, I like that tumblr allows the pictures to stand alone and make a statement. Oh, AND the ease of posting and reblogging is genius!

{picture via}

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