Falling for October


Wow, does it feel like Fall! I’m so glad to be back home in SF… and perfect timing too! As I was out and about this weekend running errands and preparing myself for the work week, I truly felt the season change. That brisk cold air, leaves falling, folks in jeans, and scarves, and those trench coats, oh those coats (my single most fav item for this time of the year).

To top it off, we have football, the Giants are in the playoffs, all my favorite shows are on, and we are being tempted with the orange of Halloween… great times! Never realized how nostalgic I feel when the crisp October weather rolls in … brings me back to the school days, the younger years, and all those great childhood memories.

coats.scarves.boots. movie nights.pumpkin carving.and.homemade.cookies

Happy Fall 

Work Travels

Hello from Dallas! Here for job training, but see it as a break from the hustle and bustle of the work week. I was bit nervous to be jet setting off on a solo work trip, but realized I could pretty much travel anywhere as long as I have my magazines, books, laptop, and coffee :)

Aside from all the learning and information I’ll be consuming, I’m looking forward to a little ME TIME. Hoping it goes something like this:

Blogging, browsing my fav sites, 5 straight days of the gym, unlimited tv (w/o the interruption of roomy and bf haha jk), freedom to sit around in a messy hotel room, reading, gchatting, and little to no commuting, wooohooo.  A week full of training, wish me luck!

Have a FanTabuLous day!


rue- your pathway to stylish living

After much anticipation, Rue debuted their first issue last week and let’s just say, I was not disappointed! I spent this weekend flipping through the virtual magazine; reading, browsing, and awing  in all the fabulous photos. I really do love everything behind the Rue concept; the best of fashion and design blogs all in one place… you can’t really beat that!

It really is an oh-so-perfect treat for our community to enjoy :)! AND I love, love that Rue features bloggers we all know and love;  Oh Joy!, Cupcakes and Cashmere, sfgirlbybay, decor8. Truly inspirational, gorgeous, exclusive… literally a book full of  glamorous, colorful eye candy, L.O.V.E!

Here are some of my favorite, most inspirational pages:

{via: ruemag}

What are your thoughts?


A Look into Fall…

Although the weather has been slowing changing, the kids are back in school, and we are nearing the end of September, I wasn’t ready to come to terms with the season change until just today! This week all my favorite TV shows are to premiere, football is going into the 3rd week, and the pumpkin spice latte is back in action. With that said, I’ve decided to fully welcome fall weather changes and more importantly fall fashion. Here are some of my must haves to get me ready for Fall:

{Loeffler Randall’s rain boots. Love, love the back zipper detail.}

Obsessed with these coats. This army green drawstring parka from Nordstrom is totally cute and affordable. I saw this  Feed Bag 2 in People Style Watch. Love the natural burlap look and adore the beaded detail on the front. Perf for fall and winter.

I’ve been wanting a navy blazer for some time now, so I’m determined to start this season with this one from the Gap.  I’m in need of  comfy pumps for work, and I think these  BCBGeneration Nude pumps from Nordstrom will last me through all seasons, can’t go wrong with nude.

Are you ready to make the transition into fall?

New Endeavors = Happy Girl

It’s official folks, I got a new JOB! (diff from last month) … I’m super-D-duper excited and can’t wait to soak up all the unimaginable about of information and priceless experience :) Aside from getting the job, I’m also thrilled to do a little shopping, both for work attire and accessories.

Later today, I’ll  head downtown in search of all the work essentials; slacks, blouses, sweaters, and comfy shoes. In fact, I was so excited last night, I put together a handful of my favorite laptop sleeves (too many cute ones, I can’t decide on one) …  my boyfriend and roommate think I’m crazy for getting excited about a “laptop case,” but hey, what can I say, I’ll be using/dragging my computer around 24/7, it has to be protected and look cute!

p.s. If you have any advice for some really comfy heels, please let me know!

{Byrd & Belle}

{Jonathan Adler}

{Marc by Marc Jacobs; this is super cute in gray too!}


Fort Mason Farmers Market

I had yet to check out the Fort Mason Farmers Market, but after seeing this post, I knew it was a must! I mean you can’t really beat fresh produce, great prices, all while supporting local vendors :) With some extra free time, and sunny skies, what better than to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon down by the harbor.

Although it’s not quite as extravagant as the Ferry Plaza Farmers Farmers Market, I do love the smaller, less crowded atmosphere, the cheaper prices, and the vast amount of parking. I like the fact that I can get in and get out, but still enjoy my overall “shopping experience” (slowly strolling booth by booth, sampling, smelling, and listening to the live music). To top it off, we experienced to-die-for sorbet; smooth, creamy without being diary, sweetened from real sugar and fruit… all the distinct but interesting flavors, I’m telling you, Scream sorbet is de.LIC.ous! Sold only at farmers market, makes this a new Sunday tradition ♥:.

Sunny and Fabulous

Wow, San Fran had amazing weather this past weekend, guess the Indian summer thing is for reals. Aside from all the errands and weekend shenanigans planned, we thought we’d take in some rays while the sun was making a rare appearance: a little park time, farmers market, and Saturday brunch. Also on the schedule was an early morning spin class, French movie Amelie with the roomies+ one (TJ), VMA’s, and the Red Devil Lounge for some jumping, dancing, singing, etc.

P.S. I experienced the most amazing vegan pancakes and sorbet- literally heaven!

{Perfect nibbles on a relaxing Friday night.}

{Chocolate and Pluot sorbet from Fort Mason Farmers Market. Sold as sorbet but made naturally without dairy. So flippen delicious.. pretty sure these will be a new tradition, every Sunday.  }

{Saturday brunch at The Plant Cafe Organic- vegan blueberry pancakes and house potatoes. The pancakes were moist, and fluffy with a pinch of cinnamon. Not usually a pancake type of girl, but these: Heaven.on.earth. I tell you!}

{The roomy and I on our way to the Red Devil Lounge for Pop Rocks and a little ragging :)}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy this glorious weather 

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Wow, what a weekend! Talk about a busy girl… lots of moving, organizing, cleaning, unpacking, and building… it was definitely no lazy, lounging, holiday, boooo! Although it was a busy 4 days, the bf is all moved in, the living room looks glorious, and the bedroom is just as I imagined, a perfect candidate for a before and after in  Apartment Therapy (if I do say so myself ;))…  pictures to come!

Aside from all the work, we did have some time to visit family in Pacifica, stop in at Ikea, grocery shop at Berkeley Bowl, explore The North Face outlet,  play with the little munchkin and enjoy a little vino!

Doin it up at the one and only, Ikea!

Exhausted after an all day shopping extravaganza!

Pulling out all the stops, hehe :)

Enjoying the sun while it lasts

Introducing Peanut.

Thank god for the short work week, 2.5 days until another weekend

Let the Weekend Begin!

Happy Labor Day weekend! Have any special plans? Honestly, this 3 day weekend could not have come at a better time… things are hectic; new roommate and new furniture… let the organizing begin! And to top it off, we have a half day today, SWEET!

Some of the things I’ll be getting into in the next couple of days …

date night. Ikea. shopping. tennis. wine. Crate & Barrel outlet. movies. container store. working out. Trader Joes. RELAXING

AND this will all be done with a car in hand (Thank God!)

Have a fabulous Weekend