Good Morning Monday

This is my very first Monday morning in the new place and it couldn’t be more fabulous;  morning news, cereal, coffee with soy, Tara, sunshine… simply beautiful. Yes, after all the stress, we are finally settled in and getting comfy. I can’t explain to you in words the amount of character and bright light that is nestled into this apartment, and the views, oh the views! With crown molding for days, accents walls in the living room, big windows, and hardwood floors, could this be the quintessential Sf apt living? Here are some photos to make that decision for yourself (keep in mind, the rooms are not completely furnished and we have yet to decorate)… here is the canvas we have to work with, decorating here we come…we are so lucky!

{Living Room}
{View from our Living Room}
{Dining Room}
{Roof top terrace… not ours but so cute}
{The most amazing walk-in hall closet}
{View from my bedroom/living room}

Stay tuned for decorating ideas, new pictures, vegan baking, and fun outings… Hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny Monday!

Good Morning…

I thoroughly enjoy my mornings and can appreciate the start of the day everyday. I honestly wish I could say this lightly, but I usually cannot function unless I keep to my daily routine. Even though my am antics make traveling a bit difficult or proves to the world I have a little crazy/OCD side, I love everything about this time of day; the birds chirping, my early morning news, responding to emails, checking up on latest blog posts, hot lemon water, dry cereal, sometimes a soy cafe au lait, and phone calls from Nicole. It’s even better when the sun is out… there’s something about the early rise of the sun, so crisp and bright, that makes your morning delightful and the rest of your day meaningful.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine!

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Happy Earth Day!

Come one, come all. Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day,  a day sought out and designed to inspire awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s environment. Although we should be conserving and taking care of our planet everyday, sometimes we fall of the wagon… and by we I can definitely speak for myself.  Today is the perfect day to stop and think… smell the roses, breathe in the air, and see this earth as a living creature rather than just somewhere we live. For me this day is just a reminder of the contributions I’ve been making to help keep this planet alive and well; a reminder of  what this planet is and what it provides for us : water, shelter, food, homes, pictures, family, life… I can’t tell you how much we (I) take this planet earth for granted. Today, I will rededicate myself to improving this planet, that I’ve been so graciously placed, and do my part to take of her. I will:

1. Stop and think about where I’m throwing my garbage.

2. Recycle more often (create cute bins during craft time).

3. Completely do away with plastic bottles and actually buy a water bottle (this has been on my to-do list for a year now).

4. Use less paper napkins.

5. Walk more, drive less (No excuse now that I live in a city).

6. Eat more locally grown meals, shop farmer’s markets, and BYOB.

7. sustainability.

Happy Earth Day!

Do your part folks. Us together can make a difference.

Just can’t get enough of…

Sangrias, mimosa, coffee, oh wow!

Talk about liquid overdose.

Some of  the few things that are keeping me sane these days…

Jovino Sangria- By far the best, so refreshing and flavorful. 1 and sauced.

Grove Mimosa- The tallest mimosa I’ve yet to meet and fresh squeezed OJ doesn’t hurt. 1 and sauced.

Jovino Soy Cafe Au Lait- Really yummy, nutty, coffee with soy. I’m picky about my soy and this one is delish!

The Dilemma of the Century

If you’ve talked to me in the last week or so, you know I’ve been stressed to the maximum capacity! We ended up loosing the apartment, and now searching for a 2 bedroom in the same general area (Pac Heights, Marina). Tara and I did some apt hunting yesterday, and let’s just say, we are in for it! I was slapped with the reality of SF living, something I have yet to experience considering I was plopped into the most gorgeous, spacious apt in all of SF, without even looking!

We’ve realized if you go BIG, you go old and if you go NEW, you go 800 sq ft status! I’m a sucker for new amenities; bathroom, kitchen, dishwasher, etc, but to get that we would settle for rooms I can barely fit my bed. If I want a decent size room to fit my bed and random clutter, the amenities are so old and the kitchens are pretty pathetic… either I’ll end up skin and bones due to the fact I would never step foot in the kitchen, or I would be ginormous bc I’ll be eating take out every night! Do we go big and old or small and new…I’m sure this is the dilemma everyone faces in this City…Welcome to San Francisco apt living!  AAAAHHHHH what to do! We have one last weekend to continue our search, wish us luck!

One Step Closer to Finding a 3rd…

I’ve had a blast from the past recently and have been reunited with a gf from high school, who is now joining me on my journey through San Francisco.  Tara landed her dream job in the Financial District and will be shacking up in the room across the hall from me. Shout out to Lisa for bringing the two of us together, thank you! (special post later, blogger to blogger, dedicated to Tara).

As Tara and I have been catching up and spilling secrets from the last 7 years, we have also been on the search for our 3rd roommate and hope to finalize everything this Saturday (fingers crossed). I  can’t wait for all the stress to be over and the fun and excitement of new roomy love to begin! I’m not a fan of the whole moving process but I’m definitely in need of some Spring cleaning!

This whole process of filling vacancies and being reintroduced to a gf from the past has me thinking about good ole girly fun and the idea of much needed roommate time… reminds of the younger years when your gf’s were the most important thing… when boys, job, working out, and bills didn’t matter :)

Quality.Time.Together …

Other things planned for this weekend:

1. Meeting the roomies bf (shout out!)

2. Interviews and lease signing

3. Jovino

4. Delarosas

5. Mimosas and/or sangria’s

Happy Weekend to everyone! What are you up to?

Love this look!

I’ve never really thought of Kristin Cavallari as a fashion icon, but she definitely got it right in this simple black, long sleeve and white, destroyed, denim shorts. The California bronzed skin, over-sized gold watch, aviators, and Foley and Corinna crossover bag make the look that much more lust worthy. Love.Love.Love. My summer uniform for sure!

Also, here’s an example of black paired with tan, a trend I’ve been seeing a lot this season. A no, no of the past, yet another fashion rule up and done with.

Get the look;

These just in!

I just recieved my first ever Nine West pair of shoes (on sale for $71), and to my surprise, size 5, fits like a glove :) The other plus, they’re new collection is super comfortable! I had my doubts when I saw reviews claiming these could be worn all day without pain and blisters, however, the 41/2 inch heel make walking in these totally bearable and the cushion on the sole add extra support. With a foot size of a pre-teen, or a small 5 sometimes 4, I’ve had massive issues finding shoes that fit. For me to take notice of these, it speaks volume!  A total great buy and goes with everything!

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Other great looks: