Last week through pictures…

Jovino- Shared a feast with someone special Curry and hummus platter.

The Grove mimosas on the hottest Monday night of my life!

Mani/pedi Saturday with the roommate- I love this color, but forgot to take note … it’s one of Essie’s pinks.

Jovino- Sangria Sunday.  These are so strong but so yummy!

Thanks to FreshGuide we literally ordered the entire restaurant! And yes, this place is that good, I went twice in one week ;)

Bedroom Re-Arrangement

Apt 402 is officially getting some new furniture :) (ok some new and some comes with the new roomy). Totally excited to reorganize and redecorate! Before I make any decisions, though, I want to get some feedback from all of you. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to organize my bedroom, which includes adding more furniture and including some wall decorations… I need HELP! I would love to hear your thoughts?

What are your thoughts on having a chaise in the bedroom?

{via: myhomeideas}

{via: Apartment Therapy}

How do you feel about a white duvet with accent  pillows and throws?

{via: House of Turquoise}

I’ve always had a desk in my room… What are your thoughts on bringing work into the bedroom?

{via: Simply Seleta}

{via: yellow door}

I love the idea of this. Is it too elementary to have a chalk board in the house?

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2010 Emmy Awards {Fashion}

Happy Monday! What a fabulous weekend of amazing weather; high 60’s and sunny (ha, yes, thats nice weather here)!

Aside from all the sunshine, did you catch the 2010 Emmy Awards last night?  I would have to say, a bit shocking in terms of winners, a bit disappointing in terms of fashion, but Jimmy Fallon and the opening acts were genius! Despite the lack of fabulous dresses, I thought these ladies looked quite glorious:

{Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward}

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Weekend You’ve Arrived!

{during my road trip up to Portland}

Happy Friday! Wow, what a week of crazy weather; scorching hot, a bit of fog, then gusts of wind… all very bizarre! Anyhow, the weekend has finally arrived :) I’ve never really appreciated these 2 days of bliss as much as I do now… I guess a 9-5er will do that to you.

On the to-do list:

sleep in, work out, naps, DVR, mani/pedi, Jovino, roommate time, a girlfriend’s possible visit, Red Velvet/Red carpet Emmy party, wine,  blog love AND just some good ole R and R!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Links to L.O.V.E.

{My Gorgeous City}

While I was catching up on my favorite blogs and browsing the Internet this past weekend I found great stories, favorite products, and just some things I’ve been craving. Check it out, they’re all very lovely!~

I need to get to a wholesale jewelry store for things like this.

Did you say yoga? Sign me up immediately, her body is amazing!

I might need to stop into Jcrew for this romper ( this bag is gorgeous, to die).

I know it’s a little late/ bandwagon-y but I’ve come around and absolutely adore these. I want them now!

I’m reminded why simple is so chic b/c of this.

I wish my feet were bigger, so I could fit into these.

I love this. New jewelry retailer, yes!

Every girls dream, the perfect proposal here.

Have a fbulous day my friends!

Filmore St. Catch Up Sesh

Wow, I never thought I would do this much walking in my life. Welcome to the no car zone! Saturday I nearly walked the entire city of SF …ok, not really, but seriously walked from Filmore around the Marina to Franklin st. TWICE! My calves are getting larger by the second, but, I guess, everything else is getting smaller, woohoo!

I headed to Filmore in search of a new daily planner (at Jonathan Adler and Paper-source), met Kate for a catch up sesh, and ate lunch at the new Mexican restaurant, Taco Bar. Taco Bar was good, organic, fresh, but no Chilayo.. as for a daily planner, I finally found the perfect one from Barnes and Noble!  P.S. Paper-Source + Me = a kid in a candy store ♥

{Taco Bar. Took photos of everything but the food, woops}

{I ♥ this bag}

{Miss Kate tops us all off and owns the largest bags. She picked up this Grey56 leather tote in New York, check it out here on Etsy.}

{She’s retired these. I’m doing the rent-a-bag thing. yay for friends with great bags. thanks dear}

Hope you had a wonderful weekend

Gap 1969 Stream

Wow, I would buy the iPad just to play with this app! I bring you this only after (yesterday) Groupon’s national deal debut with Gap swamps servers and sells 200,000 deals by 11am my time (pacific) at 10 per second ~ madness!!!

If you’ve haven’t had your peepers open, Gap recently launched an iPad application that allows you to explore fresh ideas and inspirations from designers, bloggers, musicians, and Gap all in an extremely user friendly and interactive application.

I don’t know about you, but this is pretty flippen awesome! Hey, I’m a sucker for the Gap and visually appealing technology!

Gap 1969 Stream iPad App Demo from josh.gross on Vimeo.

What are your thoughts?

Look What I found…


you’ll never guess… these gems are JCrew Girls! My feet are super mini and unfortunately too small to fit into any normal shoes. Regardless, big or small, aren’t these gorgeous? One of each please ♥