Farmer’s Market Bliss

{Simply beautiful}

San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market is absolutely amazing to say the least. It really is like heaven on earth…I love the sincerity and realness of it all: REAL food, nonchalant, unpretentious… a place where everyone comes together to experience good quality food, something that is hard to come by! Honestly, they have incredible food from local vendors, the freshest produce on the planet, and food samples for days all nestled in along the Bay. Along with delicious nibbles, you’ll also experience impeccable street style. I think the casualness, and carefree attitude of all those in attendance bring out the best in fashion… so inspired!

I have only been down to the Ferry Building FM twice since I’ve lived here  (I came more when I had to drive 45 minutes, bizarre) and last Saturday was the perfect day to head down, just in time for Spring: the  fresh, green produce; colorful, vibrant fruit; bright and fully blossomed flower bouquets;  fresh pastries, and the yummy smells of breakfast potatoes ;)

I hope the pictures do it some justice…

{Smell the Roses}

{Absolute favorite fruit}
{These are more gorgeous in person ;)}

Chilayo Sabor Mexicano

This is by far the BEST Mexican restaurant that I’ve had to date. Chilayo Sabor Mexicano has great vegan and vegetarian options, organic produce and meats, fresh sangrias, and to top it off an ever changing, spicy salsa bar! I’m a huge fan of salsa, I like to think of myself as a salsa connoisseur; usually a fan favorite of homemade pico de gallo, or any tomato, cilantro, onion, jalapeno pureed spicy mix. When I got the chance to use 9 different salsas at one sitting, I knew this place was heaven sent. Love. Love. Love!!!

I love the ruggedness of the walls and decor, the family style table, friendly staff, and the huge menu. This place is usually packed, so it’s obvious this is a great local spot; I know I’ll be making weekly pit stops here… I’m crossing my fingers that this place can change Tara’s (soon-to-be roomy) mind about good ole Mexican food ;)

What’s on the menu:

I ordered the veggie fajitas- a plate of rice, whole black beans, and mixed sauteed vegetables. They offer you corn or flour tortillas; never had flour tortillas that tasted  this good in my life, the corn were delish too!

If you live in the area, Chilayo Sabor  is definitely a must try! Huge on organic, sustainable ingredients and huge on traditional Mexican flavors! I’m obsessed.

Happy Weekend!

And the weekend begins…

My first Warrior game tonight with Tara!

Chilayo Sabor Mexican (my new fav mexican restaurant with a salsa bar) for Saturday lunch.

Afternoon Tennis- If it doesn’t rain.

Easter dress-  I have 2 options.

Easter Dinner with one of my favs- I think I may bring bruschetta and a salad.

Lauren Conrad a la Natural

I’m still completely obsessed with soft neutrals; tan, cream, khaki, beige… anything a la natural. Lauren Conrad looks flawless for Spring, pairing soft khaki with tan accessories. Her bronzed skin tone and hippie chic waves keep this look young and fresh for Spring and even Summer. The sandals, bag, and belt really do complete the outfit… And I might add, these accessories are so versatile! I have been on the search for platforms like the Miu Miu ones Lauren has on and finally found these at a great price at Also, give the over-sized tote a rest and try a cross over bag to keep the look up-to-date… did I mention, this is a super hot trend this season.

Get the look

Making up for a lousy Sunday

I had one of those interesting weekends… Half was good; farmers market, and some gfs came up for dinner and some drinks. The other half, not so good;  finding my car broken into on Sunday morning :( … I am thankful nothing was stolen, but talk about frustrating!

Even though Sunday was rough, I made an effort to enjoy my Monday off with some simple favorites:

Found a quaint Italian eatery on Steiner and Chestnut. Seriously Yelped Parma as we walked down to the Marina, had great reviews, so we decided to stop in. Good wine, and tasty bruschetta… great prices for Italian in SF.

After dinner we headed to Eastside West. This place always has a line wrapped around the corner, so I thought it would be the perfect spot to take my lady friends… First time here and I would say good music, $6 beers, and that’s about it!

Love, love, love Jovino! I love the ambiance, menu, location, and I must say, their soy cafe au lait is superb!  A simple white tank, my favorite sweater, and coffee… Ahhh perrrfect day!

This salad is to die! I still can’t get over the price ($5), the perfect spiced dressing, and the complexity of it all. This could top my list of best salads ever!

We headed to Bluelight Cinema 5 in Cupertino to watch The Blind Side. I had never even heard of this movie theatre throughout my 24 years of living in San Jose, but to my surprise we we’re in for a nice treat. We got there and realized movie tickets were $3.75 each and every week they have $2 Tuesdays. Alright, alright, yes it’s a little too good-to-be-true. Obviously, this theatre features older movies (by this I mean movies that have been in theaters for a couple months), but perfect for me, as I’m usually a month late in seeing movies anyway ;) You might want to check this place out, pretty legit.

To fulfill my sweet tooth I picked up  this chocolate on chocolate vegan cupcake from Whole Foods (I forget what it said, but I believe these are from a Santa Cruz bakery).  The cake was absolutely delicious, moist and chewy, but the frosting was a bit too sweet for my liking. Definitely worth trying though, even for you non-vegan peeps!

Food Revolution

“I believe that every child in America has the right to fresh, nutritious school meals, and that every family deserves real, honest, wholesome food. Too many people are being affected by what they eat. It’s time for a national revolution. America needs to stand up for better food!”– Jamie Oliver

If you own a TV, you probably have seen commercials about Jamie Oliver’s new TV series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The season premiere will air tonight at 9pm EST on ABC and continue on until April 23rd.. (I hope it’s set to record). I truly believe everyone should catch a glimpse of this “shocking” realization that Mr. Oliver is about to unfold. The series was filmed in Huntington, West Virginia, and documents how families eat, what kids are offered at school and why, and how these processed foods and snacks are causing many health and obesity problems. Jamie’s challenge was to see if he could get a whole community cooking again, reconnect with their food, and change the way they eat. Click here to watch Food Revolution trailer.

I am so grateful that people like Jamie Oliver are in this world! Here is one of the few brave soles willing to take on all the doubters (almost everyone) and demonstrate on a national level the reality of the American food system. Obviously, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to step-up on my soap box and say a little of my peace. Any time the issue of food and health get national air time, I’m all about it! I have been in many debates and conversations about the relationship between food and your health and we all know how I feel, but it’s a huge step to see this issue be tackled on a larger scale. The American food systems needs change and this is another example of how we can get there; thank you Jamie!

I just signed Jamie Oliver’s Petition to save cooking skills and improve school food. Jamie would like to take his Petition to The White House after the TV series airs, to show The President and First Lady how many people across the country really care about this and ask for their support. Right now we are at 62,099 signed petitions! Click here to make a difference!

What are your thoughts?

Honorable Mention

Usually, I don’t find a whole lot to my liking at H&M, but recently, noticed a surplus of super cute dresses! Last week, I picked up this frilly, festive, cute mini ($29.99); very snug and form fitting but forgiving in all the right places (aka a dress worth mentioning). It goes perfectly with these shoes too! Now I need an excuse to venture out of the house ;)

H&M could be this Spring’s one-stop-shop for all my must haves; jean shorts, dresses, all their floral prints and accessories! For a list of H&M locations near you, click here!

More Spring dresses here:

Fashion Finds: Sandals

I’ve been obsessed with embellished sandals since last summer. I swear, any excuse to pull these out of the closet, I’ll take, even  if it means baring the toes in February! With the total invasion of Steven Madden, and Sam Edelman to name a few, I’ve noticed these oh-so-cute sandals to be a little on the pricey side, anywhere between $60 and $100 … I mean we’re talking about sandals here. I did some research on this handy-dandy web thing and found several copycat, unknown brands with a budget friendly price tag. Below are some of my favorites and all are under $15. For these and more check out and

Rhinestone Lizard T-Strap Sandal-$14.50, Studded Flower T-strap sandal– $13.10 Suede Ruffle T-Strap Sandal -$13.60

Spring is that you?

{Laying out at the park}

With St. Patty’s passing, spring breakers out, and the sun shinning,  Spring  may be in full effect people. It’s time to break out those shorts and tanks; embellished sandals, and shop for the perfect bikini! The past couple of weeks of unbelievable weather has me perusing my favorite retails spots for all of my springs must haves. Pick up some of these essentials without breaking the bank!

Slub Striped Knit Tank Forever 21– $8.80, Old Navy jersey dress- $25, Floral print tube dress– $54.40, Victoria Secret’s Pink sting bottom and top– $14.50 and $15.50, Madden Girl Alowha flat sandal– $29.95, Destroyed denim short forever 21– $19.80, Nine West Getby platform wedge sandal– $78.95, Gap Crinkle Flower T-strap sandals– $34.50.

Spring budget friendly stops:

Victoria Secrets, Gap, Forever 21, Old Navy, and