My Farewell to The Hills

In honor of the last episode/season of The Hills, I decided to do it up with some of my favorite fashion moments from the gals of the show. As you know, from previous post and my DVR, The Hills and the girls have been a guilty pleasure of mine since the Laguna Beach days ;) However, with the Speidi shenanigans, Audrina/Cabrera boy love affair, and Brody becoming the main character, this season has been a bit disappointing. With that said, I think it’s definitely about that time for the show to come to an end… however, I will most definitely miss all the great fashion, bags, hair, beautiful people, and all the drama of the greatest reality/ non-reality MTV stint of my era.

So, as I watch The Hills marathon in it’s entirety (I’m such a creep, I know), let’s raise our glasses of wine or our coffee mugs to some of the best looking 20 somethings on television, all their fabulous fashion, and to the beach-y, club scene, we all wished we could be apart of-cheers!

Some of my favs…

Although there may not be any new episodes, I hate to admit it, but I’m sure I’ll continue to watch reruns, dvds, and keep up-to-date on Lauren Conrad’s fashion and love life… I guarantee this isn’t the last post of everything LC ♥

What are your thoughts on the Season Finale of The Hills?

4th of July Festivities

Hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend ♥ I happened to have a memorable, sunny, San Francisco 4th of July. The weather Saturday was flawless- layed out and got my tan on; Sunday- we headed to Ocean Beach, however, the fog rolled in and was definetely not leaving. So, instead of bumming it on the sand, we headed to Fort Mason Park… and let’s just say, it did not disappoint; sunshine, games, friends, food, and drinks… lots of drinks! BTW, I made the BEST Sangria ever… stay tuned for my special recipe.

{Playing a little game of Chuck-O}

In this City filled with great bars, clubs, shopping, restaurants, dancing, nothing really compares to this whole park scene. I’ll have to say, it’s pretty unique, kinda adds character… I’m all about it, yup! I love the friendliness of it all, the childish games, few rules, freedom, youthful, lots of shenanigans…  it’s a great way to spend these beautiful, sunny days here in the greatest city (did I just say that?). I’m definitely fond of this whole bit and will be participating in this fun-in-the-sun scene more often- had a blast!

Some SF Park Rules to Live By:

  1. Apply and reapply sun screen no matter what; cold, windy, freezing, cloudy. You will burn!
  2. Don’t forget all of your recess equipment- footballs, soccer ball, frisbees, and or baseball and glove.
  3. Do play Chuck-O and Slosh Ball.
  4. If you spend 8 hours in the sun drinking alcoholic beverages, make sure you eat.
  5. Make friends with other groups and ask to join their games.

A special thanks to everyone who made it out ♥

Summa Time

{via lovejen}

Hello, hello, hello! How is everyone on this beautiful morning?

Let me get right to it-  Summer is in full effect, the weather has been sooo amazing here! By this I mean, sunny, 70 degrees, with a bit of a breeze. GORGEOUS, I tell you ♥. I think it’s kinda funny… When I first moved to San Francisco everyone made a point to let me know summers here are not your “typical” summer (I’m guessing by “typical” they meant, it’s not your warm, sunny, shorts  and flip flop type of weather). Not sure if it’s due to global warming, but I think June and July will be absolutely fantastic this year; for the past 2 weeks it’s been sunny, warm, and flawless!

California girls We’re unforgettable Daisy Dukes Bikinis on top

Looking forward to 4th of July weekend- Ocean Beach and Fireworks.
Been obsessing over shorts.
Loving all boat shoes.
Dresses and bikinis.
Ice cold sangrias and BBQ’s.

♥ Looking forward to the BEST summer eva ♥

San Francisco Calgels

Tara and I just died when we saw Emily Schuman feature her sparkely Calgels several weeks ago. We immediately Googled Calgel nails in and around San Francisco and foundAsako at Nail Art House in Japantown. Although Calgels  have yet to make it’s mark in the States, this form of nail art is huge in Japan- women budget around $200/ visit. Calgel is actually a Japanese brand of soak off gel nails, which is similar to acrylic nails but don’t do quite as much damage to your nail, while also allowing the nail to breathe…SWEETNESS!

Our Visit Equals Glorious!

Our experience was absolutely fabulous; a. we journeyed into Japantown for the first time (it has the cutest shops, and the smell of sushi lingers in the air, yummm), b. Asako was super sweet, and c. our nails, they’re glorious, amazing, words can’t describe! OBSESSED~ so giddy! Yes, it takes about 40 minutes a session, yes it’s a bit pricey, but with home upkeep they’ll last you about 3 weeks of shine and perfection!

If your in the San Francisco area, go visit Asako at Nail Art House in Japantown~ she won’t disappoint ;)

{I decided on fine gold glitter.}
{Tara decided on fine silver glitter.}

Check out our nails on Nail Art House’s Facebook Page under Nails of the Month- June 2010!

Yup it’s Monday~ Weekend Recap

{littlegirlblue via Mrs. French}

♥ this picture- Wish I was somewhere sunbathing on this first day of summer! Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

Good Morning Monday!

Mondays = My day. My day to catch up on blogs, work on projects, sit alone at a coffee shop, lay in bed, enjoy my view, workout, catch up on DVR, and most importantly a day to do ME! Aside from it being the longest day of the year and not to mention a gorgeous Monday,  I had a really, relaxing, adventurous weekend.

  • First off, I got my hair cut- and I mean cut, 5 inches-  talk about scary!
  • Yesterday, the roomy and I adventured into Japantown for some tourism and Calgels (stay tuned for a post on these beauties).
  • Made homemade veggie fajtas for some World Cup soccer.

Overall, very relaxing and not to mention we had beautiful weather~ I love this City more and more.

My Best Buys Yet!

So, let’s be honest here, I’ve done quite a bit of shopping since I’ve landed in one of the greatest shopping meccas of the world. But, as I’ve been settling in and living amongst all the native San Franciscans, I realized I was missing a couple of essential items of San Francisco living… A couple of weeks ago I somehow (hmmmm?) landed in the handbag department of Bloomingdale’s and stumbled upon an oh-so-lust-worthy Foley and Corinna Disco City Leather Crossbody handbag. Talk about perfect timing; I’ve been waiting to purchase one of these for a while now, not just because it’s just darling, I mean come on, but it’s functionality and utility is PERF! And not to mention, it was 50% off, SCORE!

To top it off, I found the most gorgeous ballet flats on the planet! With all the walking going on, I needed another go-to pair of flats I could count on (check out my roomy’s post on her fav flats). I had scoured the Internet for nude or blush patent leather ballet flats, and had no luck. Just when I thought they couldn’t be found, Nordstroms Rack to the rescue. These beauties  are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I know everyone loves a black ballet flat, but  let me tell you, nude is classic and has a summer touch…. tans the new black people!

Love my new purchases if I do say so myself… hey they’re serving purpose and they just happen to be super cute!

Catching Up: Memorial Day Giants Game

Hey! So, I’ve been a little MIA… the holiday, busy work schedule, catching up on my reality TV, you know, all the craziness of life ;) Super D dooper sorry! I promise I’ll get my act together and do better with updating you with all the shenanigans I’ve been up to; decorating, eating, shopping, playing…

First up, Memorial Day festivities. I got a group together to  head up our hometown Giants. I’ve been to handful of games, but have yet to make it to the ballpark since I’ve landed on SF soil.  But, not to disappoint, the game was a blast; from the 5 person cab ride in a 4 person car, the beautiful weather, ice cold beers, and my favorite people…. great day!

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Obsessed: Sail away in Stripes

Ok, I’ll be honest, I’ve been obsessed with this picture of Eva Mendes ever since it came out, I mean, down to the last detail (I’ve been trying to recreate this entire look; the 3/4 sleeve shirt, jeans, and heels)! I absolutely adore the whole sailor, nautical, stripe look and so far, I’ve picked up a few tops since this trend has become huge, but have yet to find exactly what I’m looking for… Until, this past weekend. I scored big when I found my version (pictured to the right) of the top Eva Mendes has on here and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. H&M actually has a handful of great striped tops and obvs at a great price!

I also love these other fresh-off-the-boat looks featured here, here, and here.

My take on this look:

What are your thoughts on this look?

Braving the Wind and Tackling the Shopping

Such a fabulous weekend of deals, steals, and heels… Ok not the heels part, ha! But seriously, in our efforts to tackle shopping downtown, Union, and on Chestnut, we were able to find exactly what our hearts desired, while also, picking up some great finds (stay tuned for these post later in the week). I want to hand it to my roomy for scouring the sale racks for my size, keeping focused, and sharing in all the do’s and dont’s of dressing room antics.

Some serious deals of the century:

Stumbled upon a garage sale in the Marina (heaven I tell you), came out with a bandage skirt at a boutique going-out-of-business sale (less than $15 folks), was very entertained while getting a $20 mani/pedi at Ciao Bella, picked up striped tops I’ve been lusting over, snagged not one but two shorts that are just darling, and last but  not least, scored at Bloomy’s with… that’s a surprise. hehe. I’ll fill you in next week, when it arrives ;)

{Love this place}

{Clearly, this wind is NOT ok!}
{“Special” edamame was soooo amazing! Sauteed in garlic and soy sauce, yum.}
{Got our nails did, purty}
{Vegan Chocolate cupcake from The Plant Cafe Organic}

Yes siry, even Tara (non-vegan roomy) has approved of these suckers! The greatest tasting thing, in my opinion. The Plant Cafe Organic, get it people!

Stay tuned for our garage sale finds and my oh-so-fabulous buy from Bloomingdales!