As I’ve been out and about enjoying the sunshine these past couple of days, I couldn’t help but keep noticing a very common, understated, San Francisco look that I really, really like. I’ve been picking up on these statement pieces for a while now, but decided to make a mention of it today only after a beautiful weekend outdoors.

I know it has to do with city living because when I go to Portland I see this look and on my visit to New York last year I noticed it as well. I would call this city style; casual, classic, day pieces, yet so put together. This is the very difference between living in a city and living anywhere else. Every piece below really screams female, San Francisco; Tory Burch flats, cardigans, boots, chunky rings and watches, aviators, wayfarer Ray Bans, Longchamp Le Pliage tote, scarves, crossover bag, and to top it off walking hand and leash with your little pooch.

I love the casualness of it all; jeans, flats, cardigan, and a great bag… how can you go wrong? I think I may have fallen into my dream world. Only thing is, it makes me what a dog (and we all know that would be a disaster right now :)).

Get the look:

Afternoon Riding

Dear Saturday,

Friends are coming up  to share in my first ever “famous” SF bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Please bring sunshine and limit that oh so annoying wind!



Get the look:

Stay tuned for pictures ;)…

I’ll leave you with this…

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook and it’s probably the BEST quote ever! I can totally relate right now as I’m starting a new venture in my work life. I’m really excited for what’s to come and I truly believe I’ve found what I love to do!

What are your thoughts?

Let the pictures do the talking…

Some of my favorite foods and enjoying the sunshine…

{yuummmm Bruschetta}
{Entertainment at it's finest... Chris and Crys learning to draw}
{Picture perfect Saturday picnic}
{Picnic lunch}
{Aaaamazing fruit bowl}
{Broccoli, green bean, tomato, garlic saute. Random but goood}

And the Winner is…

I never thought of myself as a Sandra Bullock fan who wore a Marchesa silver beaded column gown, but she may have won me over with that acceptance speech for 2010 Academy Awards Best Actress (teared up a bit). I may just have to see the Blind Side now. Oscar night, hands down, goes to Sandra!

Trends of the night; gold, ruffles, reds, and soft pinks

My favorite looks of the night:

Zoe Saldana  in Givenchy was definitely the head turner and biggest risk taker of the night; loved the contrast, color, and sparkle! Best hair goes to Jenny from the block in Giorgio Armani Prive; I really liked the simplicity of the up-do and the fly aways. AND I absolutely adored Cameron’s Oscar de la Renta, elegant, simple cut, sparkler.

Best dressed males; Tom Ford in Tom Ford and Zac Efron in Calvin Klein.

What were your thoughts of last nights Academy Awards?

Dresses for Less

I hit up Old Navy this week and totally fell in love with their candied colored dresses! When I went to check out, the sales associate mentioned all dresses would go on sale this weekend and I could come in and get a price adjustment. Ummmm score! Not only will I go back to get my discounted price, but I’ll most likely pick up more of these bright colored, spring floral dresses. Now, all I need is the sun to come out!

Just found out, starting Friday March 5th- Thursday March 11th, Old Navy will not only feature dresses $20 and under, but everything else goes on sale too!

* Also, there’s a greater dress selection in-store than online.

For a list of Old Navy locations near you, click here. ENJOY!

Gym Time

So, when you move to a new city, your most likely going to join a new gym… well at least not if your a member at 24 Hour Fitness (apparently they have 100 in every town). Me, I’ve been a member at Bally’s Total Fitness for about 4 years now and have been pretty pleased with my whole experience (with an exception of one minor/major mishap). So, as I made the move up to the City, I was hoping I could keep my membership and simply make the transition to a new facility. Well, there’s no such thing as Bally’s San Francisco… well I think there may be, but its super far. This brings me to this past Monday; my first trip to a 24 Hour Fitness. Yes, I am becoming a member of this so called dreaded gym… I headed down to the one on Buchanan which is a small one, but decided smaller is better when getting situated.

Not too sure how I felt about my experience… Good thing was that it was pretty clean, bad thing, everyone is so young and male. I guess I’m not used to working out around mid 20’s early 30 year old men. It’s hard to go from a comfortable setting in an uncomfortable situation of sweat, spandex, and basketball shorts, to an even more awkward setting of being unfamiliar with the set up, being a new face, and having everyone stare at you as the sales rep takes you on a “tour.” AAAAHHH I guess I’ll just have to deal. The one positive is that, since there are a lot of cute, in shape mid 20’s female and males, I can push myself a little harder and pick up some new workout gear :)

Good place for cheap work out duds:

Old Navy– really love their fleeces and great deals on tanks.

Nordstrom Rack- great for nike shorts, sports bras, and yoga pants.

Gap– Go through the sales rack, you can find great deals on yoga pants, and tanks.

Oh Bachelor

I was so trilled for the season finale of the Bachelor and to my surprise I was also in store for the After the Final Rose show… Oh Chris Harrison you’ve done me proud! This will be my first show of the entire season without my Bachelor in crime roommate, but I’m sure she’s doing better things in lovely Australia with the beau, I mean LGR (lets get real).

Obviously, you know I’m disappointed in Jake’s choice! I knew what to expect, but that didn’t mean my heart wasn’t broken for Tenley. The most precious thing going through another heart break, was pretty devastating to see… I don’t fair well with men right now, uuhh! I will say that after seeing Vienna and Jake together on the After the Final Rose show, it appears they are in love (at least they did something with her hair :)). Well… I mean physical chemistry can only last so long Jake. I really hope you made the right choice and I don’t happen to see US Magazine at the grocery store in a couple of weeks with splits-ville. As for Tenley dear, it’s better now than later… been there done that.

And Allie, you were a bit awkward last night, but I will tune in to see what you have to offer in my “reality” TV fix. AND even though we all know Jason Mesnick is a complete douche, I will be tuning in to the wedding… what can I say, I’m a sucker for sappy, reality TV.

What are your thoughts on last nights season finale?

Weekend Dining

Talk about a weekend full of good eats. Gosh, I can’t say it enough, but when the sun comes out, this City is absolutely beutiful and gives me an excuse to get out and explore. I finally got the chance to try some of the many restaurants this place has to offer and all were a success. The more and more I’m here, the more and more I’m glad I moved. I swear it doesn’t get any better. Saturday I headed to Blue Barn for lunch, Park Chow for dinner AND Jovino on Sunday for the typical SF brunch/lunch.

{Walking down to the Marina}

Blue Barn-

Great salad and sandwich joint. Blue Barn is located on  Chestnut, a very busy shopping and dining street espcially on the weekends. The place is nestled in on the corner of Steiner and Chestnut and literally in the shape of a small barn. Expect to wait in a long line, this place is always packed… even at 2pm (we thought the lunch rush was over).

They feature a handful of salads and sandwiches with an option to create your own salad with a choice of 6 toppings among the 20 plus offerings. I’ve also had their tomato basil soup (non-dairy, and I get it without cheese) very tomato-y but very good. I’ve been to other create your own salad places and Blue Barn exceeds them all; vegan option salad dressings, fresh ingredients, and at $6 they’re very generous with portion sizes. I would definitely recommend Blue Barn… just try to avoid the lunch rush on weekends, minimal seating, and small space.

What else did I get around to… shopping, at home yoga on Comcast (I did a level 2 and it was soooo tough), and started but didn’t finish Julia Julia. Great, relaxing weekend :)