Dressy in January

I know we are only nearing the end of January, but I can’t stop thinking about summer! It doesn’t help that it’s been super sunny and in the upper 60’s , not that I’m complaining. Obvi with summer on the mind, my eyes start wandering toward dresses! Last night I briefly looked through ShopStyle via the iPhone app and spotted some really chic dresses from ModCloth.  Although these may not be your typical frilly summer frocks,  I am SO in lust … frilly or not, I always think a dress is best accessorized with a summer glow =)

Aside from their super cute dresses and the budget friendly prices, ModCloth promotes the Be the Buyer Program, asking you to vote on potential inventory, and collaborates with fashion bloggers, heeeyyy-ooo!

Weekend Recap + Tiburon Bike Ride

{Tiburon with sf in the background}

Happy Monday! Just a little weekend recap + pretty pictures to get you through the beginning of the week…

The roomies and I spent Friday night sipping happy hour margaritas at Tortilla Heights. New-be’s here, hadn’t heard much about the place, but the margs were strong and tasty and the veggie tacos were fantastic!

The bf’s friends came up Saturday for a bike ride from Sf to Tiburon. Talk about a workout! Of all sports/physical activities, I’ve never really been on an active bike ride… and I’m not talking about spinning. There’s nothing like climbing hills, making sharp turns with no momentum, avoiding pedestrians and cars all while keeping up with the rest of the group.  2 + hours of biking is pretty hardcore for a first time rider, just saying =). Once we got into town, we sat down at Servino for delicious Italian, a glass of wine, and a magnificent view (thank God we took the Ferry home). Although it was extremely challenging, the views on the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito, Marin and Tiburon made it all very worth it. Kudos to those who are avid bikers,  like no joke!

{Just a little Jameson after the long ride}

After of full day of biking, the bf and I ended the night dining on Thai food at Osha. Yummy food and sleep never felt better.

Sunday was full of lounging and football. Capped off the night with the premiere of Kim and Kourt take NY. Such a great weekend!

How are you enjoying this fabulous January weather?

A Little Indulgent

We have had A-A-A-mazing weather here in sf, no joke! Has me daydreaming about shorts, parks, bbqs, and a bronze glow, aaaahhh summer =) I mean I love sf always; rain, fog, or extreme winds, but when the sun shines, this place is quite glorious.

I ♥ you sf and your hidden gems

high rises and tall buildings. quaint neighborhoods with different personalities. all the hidden parks with magnificent views. turning the corner and running into Chad Robertson from Tartine. restaurants up the ying yang. the views are to die no matter how long you’ve been here. always inspiring street fashion. one of the fittest cities. vegan’s dream.

Just a couple pictures from this last week…

Hope you are having a fabulous week.

Working it Out

Just signed up with dailymile to help keep me motivated, to share my workouts, and be among a community that is dedicated to fitness! Dailymile is a social training log for athletes, runners cyclist, and triathletes; think Facebook for training. My lastest workout will be featured in the widget to the right (follow the arrow) and if you click on the link you can view my workouts for the week. Feel free to leave me comments, questions, or any motivating notes :)

Find training partners in your area and learn about local events, routes, and groups. Whether you love to workout or just started a new year’s resolution, come join the community, “add” me as a friend, and let’s keep each other up-to-date!

p.s. There’s an “app for that.” Electric Mile is the app version of dailymile and allows you to keep up on-the-go, heeyyyoooo!  To find me, search my name, Crystalin An.

Light and Pretty

I am just so fascinated with the light, airy, versatile, elegant top that we call the blouse. I’ve always added a new one to my collection every season, but not until now, have I really become obsessed (one if every color and pattern, thanks!). Whether it’s a solid blush tone, or a flowy floral, I dig them all. More importantly, I love that those featured here can be adaptable to skinny jean, wide leg trouser, shorts, and skirts. Unlike a tank, V neck sweater, and cardigan, a blouse can stand alone  and make a statement in any situation and any time of  year; summer, spring, fall, or winter. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.

  1. Temperley London Adaro ilk-blend blouse  net-a-porter.com
  2. Vanessa Bruno Scalloped  blouse $425 net-a-porter.com
  3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pocketed silk blouse $425 net-a-porter.com
  4. 3.1 Phillip Lim/Tie Henley Blouse $375 lagarconne.com
  5. Oyster Silk Bow Sleeve Blouse $100 topshop.com
  6. Petites Blouson Lace Blouse $51 missselfridge.com
  7. Snake Print Waterfall Blouse $100 topshop.com
  8. Blue Tulip Print Tier Tee $75 topshop.com
  9. Swallow Print Blouse $87 warehouse.co.uk
  10. Rose and Spot Ditsy Blouse $71 warehouse.co.uk
  11. Blue Spot Zip Back Vest $60 topshop.com
  12. Tucker Printed silk-blend blouse $278 net-a-porter.com
Have any favorite brands I should know about?

Weekend Recap

via {soverypretty}

Happy Monday to you all! Spent this morning browsing the prettiest photos… I could really sip coffee and flip through this archive all day long. Ever since I saw Lisa’s photos on Facebook, La Mia Vita’s blog, and it’s Mary Ruffle tumblr I have fallen in love with beautiful photos. I really can’t wait to get a decent camera, like for realsies. Aside from lusting over stunning photos and a camera I spent this weekend with family from Portland.

Weekend Tidbits:

  • Marnee for a crazy Thai experience in the Inner Richmond.
  • Went out for Korean with the fam back in SJ.
  • Watched lots of playoff football.
  • With gorgeous weather Saturday, we spent the morning running in the Marina.
  • Walked to La Boulange on Filmore for mimosas.
  • Had the best smoothie at The Plant!

How was your weekend?

New Kind of Workout

Nike Urban Yogi Knit Women’s Yoga Pants $50, Lululemon Wunder Under Crop Organic $68, Nike Free Run Minimal Running Shoe $85.

I’m never one to make new year’s resolutions, however, I did mention here I would make some adjustments to my workout routine. I’ve been working out ever since my soccer days came to a halt circa 2005, so that makes it about 6 years now. During these 6 years I’ve altered my workout regiment twice, yup, only TWICE! I’ve definitely been at a stand still with my results, but never had the motivation to take the next step… Until now! New year, new workouts. I will be incorporating more teams sports and activities, while also getting one-on-one assistance from former trainer and live in bf! My goal:  buff arms  à la Kelly Ripa!

I’ll be doing exercises based on Homeostatic Dynamic Augmentation (HDA). This type of training founded here uses the concept of energy systems that the human body naturally possesses; Strength, Speed, Power, and Endurance. .. it’s the type of training where the sorest day is the 2nd or 3rd day. My body is already in complete shock, I haven’t been this sore since double days in college!

I will keep you posted on what I’m eating, what I’m doing, and my results. Stay tuned…

Are you doing any fun new workouts for the new year?

Week in Review

Last couple weeks through pictures :)

Taking advantage of some sunshine last week!

Watched the Blazers beat Utah at the Rose Garden.

Bowling with the kiddies ♥

I ♥ vino

I might not eat cheese, but this cheese board is freaking awesome! Nicole, only you would have one of these ;)

Much to my liking , some very colorful veggie fruit plates.

Prepping for guests and lots to drink on New Years Eve.

Some playoff football at Nick’s Crispy Taco

Ultimate fav, chips and salsa.

How has your 2011 been so far?