The One Piece

Old Navy dress // Old Navy straw tote //  Splendid Malibu stripe one piece c/o Swimspot // J.Crew panama hat // J.Crew sandals // Target towel

Photos by Christine Sargologos

If you would have asked me a couple years ago if I would wear a one piece swimsuit, I would have said no without hesitation. I never wanted to believe it (especially when your parents say, “oh, I wore that as a teenager.’”) but I think certain styles and trends from the past do make a comeback. We’re definitely seeing old styles reinvented, but in a modern way. Think Birkenstocks, Levis cut-offs, sneakers, and even swimwear. I’m so glad I’ve ventured out and tried different swimwear styles because I actually like them and find them more wearable and comfortable. I tried my first high waisted bikini last year (which is my ultimate fav) and went retro with this one piece Splendid suit for summer. One pieces can be tricky, but I love how this one is broken up with stripes, solids, and the neon band right above the waist.

I love a good bikini, but the one piece is stylish and comfortable as well. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy the beach or the pool even if you’re not quite in tip top bikini shape!


  1. Dana May 28, 2014

    Loving the one piece, I just tried one on and fell in love too!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Katie May 28, 2014

    LOVE this one-piece, the neon strip is just perfect!

    awesome photos too, love how you’ve styled it all :)

    Katie x

  3. kelsey May 28, 2014

    this suit is super darling! love!
    ladies in navy

  4. Audrey May 28, 2014

    You’re rockin’ that once piece girl. It looks amazing on you. Gorgeous photos too. XO

  5. I love the colors on the suit!

    Liz @

  6. Love that you’re posting about a one-piece! It’s nice to have different swimsuit options, and not feel like one has to wear a bikini in order to fit in on the beach nowadays.


  7. Doan May 31, 2014

    Cute swimsuit! Are those Rayban aviators?

    • Crystalin June 1, 2014

      They are not. They’re from either 80′s purple of amazon (i can’t remember). Only like $10


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