Weekend Recap 03

Coffee date with the hubs at Barista

Happy Tuesday! How was your long weekend? We had a pretty wet one, but made the most of it. We finished Parenthood at the end of last week, so we’ve actually been going to sleep a lot earlier and this past weekend felt like we caught up on much-needed rest. While I love finding a series to binge watch, I think it’s been having a negative effect on my quality of life. That’s probably dramatic, but staying up late to watch the show plus the amount of time I’ve spent on the couch watching, doesn’t seem very healthy. We’re super sad we finished the series, but it’s almost been a blessing. Does anyone else feel like this with series?

Riley and Lola

That Portland rain life right there lol

Wiz Bang Bar roasted strawberry coconut ice cream

Roasted strawberry coconut ice cream from Wiz Bang Bar

Crystalin and Mike workout
La Sen Vietnamese grill

Gym sesh with Mike // My favorite pho from La Sen Vietnamese Grill

Nike Rally hoodie

Running errands in the comfiest basics – Nike hoodie, Zella leggings, Asos baseball cap (sold out, similar), Nike sneakers, Givenchy Small Antigona satchel

Wedgie Selvedge straight jeans 2
Sam Edelman Chelsea Reesa boots

Found the most amazing high-waisted straight jeans. Can’t wait to style these on the blog! Wearing Zara leather jacket (old, identical), J.Crew tee, Levis jeans, pumps // these Sam Edelman Chelsea boots are awesome. More to come on these later this week.

Banana Republic portland oregon

Stopped by Banana Republic downtown

Rebecca Minkoff crossbody

Did I mention we had a ton of rain? lol // Bernardo coat (petite), Lucy leggings (old, similar), Nike sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff crossbody (small)

Downtown Portland

A very dreary snap of Pioneer Square

Bamboo Sushi
Gucci Portland Oregon

Lunch at Bamboo Sushi (we come here way too often) // Stopped by the Gucci store inside of Nordstrom

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Friday was our only dry day for the next week, so we spent most of the day shooting downtown. Poor Mike was still sick from a head cold, but he powered through like a champ. We ended the day at Pine Street Market with hot ramen and my favorite of all time, Wiz Bang Bar roasted strawberry coconut ice cream (dairy-free). Even though it’s still very chilly out, sometimes you just need a good ole ice cream cone to get you through the day.

Saturday was spent doing some of my favorite things. We made it back to the gym after a week off (due to Mike being sick). We ran errands, had lunch at my favorite spot, La Sen, and made it home in time for the NBA All Star Challenge. Sitting at home with your husband watching sports probably doesn’t sound like a great Saturday night to most, but it’s one of Mike and I’s favorite things to do. Any time you get celebrities and sports together, I’m all in. We capped off the night sipping wine while working on our taxes (wah, wah).

Thanks to the long weekend, we decided to head downtown on Sunday for some coffee, a little shopping, and lunch. One of the things I’ve learned to appreciate about Portland, life does not stop because of the rain. It rains so much here, you can’t let it stop you from doing stuff, otherwise you would never leave your house. Something I wasn’t used to when we first moved here. When it rains in California, you stay home, you don’t drive, let’s face it, you aren’t really equipped to do anything. Here, it’s nothing. People don’t even use umbrellas lol. Restaurants and coffee shops are still bustling, it’s a completely different lifestyle, but I like it. Props to everyone. Btw, for anyone visiting – we have a pretty awesome Nordstrom downtown. A ton of high-end designers that are not online (like Gucci and Chanel).

Another basic weekend in the books for us. What did you do?

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  • such a good round up of your long weekend! The pho & sushi snaps have me craving … your favorite spots look like the most delicious options ever:) Love your Givenchy bag and I’m wondering what you are eyeing over at Gucci? So much good to choose from, right!
    So, I finally snagged that J.Crew active turtle neck you recommended. Can’t wait till it arrives bc I have a feeling it is going be a go to for me. At home lounging or with a pair of Levi’s and Adidas trainers. yes!
    Love the pup pics too, as always.
    XO! Gina

    • Yes, you’re going to love that turtleneck (it’s super warm). I’ve been eyeing the GG Marmont matelassé mini bag, but it doesn’t have an adjustable strap and I’m really big on having my bags hit me at the right length. I wasn’t too fond of the larger one (which has an adjustable strap). Really annoyed about it all lol.

  • Ha, I was just telling my husband that I don’t think I could ever live in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver or London b/c of the rainy weather. While I do need my occasional grey and rainy days, I feel I would get depressed with constant rain. But I also said exactly what you wrote, b/c it rains so much, you can’t cancel all your plans. Also there’s just no point even doing your hair then! Okay, once nice thing to do in rainy weather is be indoors at a nice café where you can see the rain come down. And I know exactly what you mean when you talk about relief at the end of binge washing a series! BTW, I do like your Iva&*# pumps, but now I can’t get myself to ever buy them…

    • Yes, the rain has been tough (especially coming from California). It does make you appreciate the sun so much more, though. The summers here are awesome and make it all worth it.

  • Looks like a fun one!

    Friday night was a cosy one for us in front of our fireplace and a movie. Saturday was errands and football (soccer) day with a dinner out in the evening. 17 people went! It was crazy, but so much fun, and I would do it all over again for the chilli-butter corn! Sunday was my favourite day in a long time…we went to the forest and trekked for a few hours with hot cocoa and sausage rolls. Honestly so relaxing, and we topped it off with vegan chilli con carne and ‘Tangled’. So fun, so refreshing ready for the week ahead!