Weekend Recap

{although we didn’t get any trick or treaters, we had fun dressing Lola up for her first Halloween}

{vegan gf popcorn and wine for NBA opening day // Aritzia faux leather leggings and Gap leopard flats (sold out but similar)}

{puttanesca and almond broccoli gf and vegan}

{just before she went in for her hair cut}

{Adidas Original Dragons in navy and gold (sad they’re too big)}

{morning walk with little Lola bear in a Gap tee, Missguided leather jacket, J brand jeans, Vince Camuto booties, Asos scarf (sold out but similar)}

{Blue Line pizza for lunch on Saturday}

{celebrated my dad’s birthday with yummy homemade Koran food and Kara’s cupcakes}

{early birthday gift from my dad. so obsessed!}

{wearing Ann Taylor striped tee, Merona leopard belt, AG jeans, Vince Camuto booties, Zara biker jacket, Tory Burch robinson satchel}

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? In general we kept things pretty low key, but some highlights included lunch at Blue Line on one of the most beautiful fall days, celebrating my dad’s birthday with a homemade meal and family, and a Sons of Anarchy marathon with Mike and the pup. For a person who hates violence and motorcycles in just about anything she watches, I cannot believe I got hooked to this show. Trust me, I’m a reality tv junkie, Live with Kelly and Michael kinda person, so the fact that I watch, blows my mind. Does anyone else watch?

Also, I want to thank you for all your comments last Friday. Your feedback has been extremely helpful and I can’t wait to add some of your ideas to the blog. I’ve always thought my budget friendly finds were a bit boring, but come to find out, you all love them! Thanks again for stopping by everyday and being such loyal readers/friends.

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  • Your weekend sounded wonderful. Haha yes coworkers husband loves that show. I just started watching the new Dracula it is not bad. And love American Horror.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  • Obsessed with SOA! I thought the same thing too, that the violence and whole biker thing wouldn’t entertain me but I was wrong. I’ve been a loyal Jax Teller fan for 3 years now ;)

    • OMG, yes! Jax is so not my type, but he’s totally growing on me and I think he’s hot lol :). We need to have lunch and talk about SOA!!!

      • Yes please! I’m thinking soon we’ll run into each other in downtown Campbell randomly. I swear I see you post stuff in your weekend updates and think “wow I was there too.”

  • LOL, your comment about the style of TV shows you watch made me giggle because that was like me with Breaking Bad. I was not the type of person that TV show was geared towards but there I was, hooked. =)

    Love your weekend shots. Lola is so stinkin’ adorable. I swear.

    Yay we’re gold iPhone twins!! WOO! But, at this point, any upgrade for me was going to be a happy one. haha


    • haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one watching crazy tv lol. I was in the same boat. I love the gold iphone (obvs), but i was due for any upgrade :)

  • Your weekend recaps make me hungry! You always seem like you’re eating such a yummy variety of foods! Love the layered outfit you styled to take your pup for a walk. Great recap!

  • I had Blue Line this weekend too! I’m also hooked on SOA. They’ve definitely found a magic way to get people who would never normally like this genre to become obsessed. I’m one of many of my friends who love the show, but shouldn’t given our other tastes in shows/movies.

  • Looks like a great weekend! Haven’t seen Son of Anarchy, but I’ve heard its great. I’m currently obsessed with Scandal. Very likely one of the best shows ever!

  • We love low key weekends. :)
    We’re often in Campbell but have yet to check out Blue Line (it’s bookmarked though!). How do you like it in comparison to Pizza Antica? Or Pizza Bocca Lupo from SPSquare?
    We’re also huge SOA fans (helps that a lot of our friends and coworkers watch it too). I’m curious to see where this season takes us, as some of the older seasons have been much more exciting.

    • The pizza is good, but different from the traditional Italian pizza from PA and PBL. I LOVE italian style, so my favorite has to be Pizza Bocca Lupo. It’s a super cute place though, I highly recommend you stop by :)

  • What a cute little pumpkin!!!!!! OK I am becoming obsessed with sneakers!! I want those Golden GOose ones but they are like $500 so I think I may just get a pair of Adidas’. They’re basically the same shape. xoxo

  • Adore your blog and I adore your style. Zara FTW! And the Pashli is such a staple, I love how you incorporate it into so many looks! Your Weekend snaps are one of my fav posts! Keep it up girl :)