Weekend Recap

{ikea throw and the perfect leopard pillow cover I found at Ross}

{the best kind of hand-me-down from a family friend}

{so excited to try high beam and benetint!}

{new gold polka dot pillow from Goods by Grinn}

{so obsessed with these old school Nike Cortez sneakers!}

{Stila Color Me Glossy lip glaze set}

{wearing: Gap striped tee, Forever 21 sweater, Blank NYC jeans, Sam Edelman leopard loafers}

{not so happy about having that hat on}

{these are SO good (from Whole Foods)!}

{little Lola turned 1 on Sunday!}

{obsessed with these Blank NYC spray on jeans}

{straight hair for the first time in… forever!}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Things have finally settled down over here and this entire weekend was spent catching up on work and just relaxing. I ran a few errands here and there, but honestly, it felt good to just chill. Think a lot of playoff football and cuddles with Lola as she turned one on Sunday. I cannot believe how much this lady has grown up. She’s truly something special!

I struggled with balance all last year, so I’m making it a priority for 2014. I’m trying out a new work week schedule starting today, so I’m both excited and anxious. I’m juggling a lot of jobs, but they’re all equally important to me, so I’m experimenting to make it work. Anyway, with the holidays coming to an end and no more family to entertain, it finally feels like a normal Monday. Content is back on schedule and I’m excited to get back to the grind. Bring it, 2014!

P.s. I did a huge closet clean out over the weekend. You can shop my closet here!

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  • so many things to talk about! 1) i have that ikea throw & love it! I need to go to Ross for more home accessories 2) sweet Jimmy Choos! 3) i really want to try high beam. the benetint has been a little too red for me, but I’m also not applying it correctly. 4) gimme that polka dot pillow. 5) nike sneakers are my new obsession! 6) when i saw “bark thins” i thought they were a treat for Lola and when i read “these are SO good,” i was like, what?! you tried a dog treat?! what a great pet owner! LOL 6) happy birthday, Lola! can’t believe your little girl is 1 already. i just wanna pick her up and give her kisses!

    7) can’t wait to see you soon!! xx

  • I totally agree about balance. Surprisingly, it’s a delicate skill to master. Best wishes to you on your new work schedule!
    I cannot believe Lola is 1 year!! She has grown so much and it’s been so much fun to see her grow through your photos! I can’t believe she wore that hat! haha. Did it stay on for long? I love how she looks in it! hehe. Sweetie pie!
    LOVE your new pillows. Such a great pattern combination!
    Also love your hair straight. You should totally do it more!

  • I absolutely love your sense of style!! I, too, am petite so it’s helpful reading your posts :) Love stopping by your blog~ Happy Monday!

  • Your eyebrows are fab. DO you pluck, wax, shave or thread them. I have no idea what that High Beam and Benetint are– The lipglosses look fun. I am looking forward to a beauty post one of these days…

    • Ha! Thank you, I think lol. I hate my eyebrows! I’ve waxed… but in-between, I always tend to pluck. I also use a pencil to fill in.