Arenal Costa Rica

{hot springs pool}

{Arenal volcano}

{street vendors}

{this was the most amazing fresh strawberry drink}

{shops ‘in town’}

{more fun drinks}

Our second half of the trip was spent in the scenic city of Arenal Costa Rica. Here we enjoyed a lot more pool time, having dinner in town, souvenir shopping, waterfall repelling and zip lining, and a whole lotta buffet breakfast (a side note- a huge thanks to the bf for translating everything. Who knew being fluent in Portuguese and taking Spanish in High School could be so instrumental?). Due to Arenal’s volcano geothermal activity, they’re a ton of beautiful hot springs throughout the city, however, my annoying heat rash prevented us from experiencing them. Dumb skin! Stay tuned for waterfall repelling pics and a little ‘water surprise.’