Be Mine

{Messaged heart candies; more decoration less consumption}

That time of the year is upon us… that special day full of flowers, pink, red, candy, roses, love, couples… awwwww Valentine’s Day. Normally, I’m not a huge fan or even care, but for some reason, this time around I feel the need and want to do something special. Not in the sense that I need a date or flowers from somebody, but maybe I’ll do something valentine-sie; make some cupcakes, put heart candy out, go to dinner or the movies with the roomies.

I think I’m feeling that special V-day spirit because I’ve been seeing the trailor for Valentine’s Day and it’s putting me in the mood (I love me some beautiful people). You can’t go wrong with such a great ensemble! McDreamy, McSteamy, and Bradley Cooper, uh hello, to die! Pretty sure I’ll be having date night with AMC theatres and all those sexy men on Sunday, let the drama unfold ;)

{Valentine's Day; so dreamy, can't wait!}

Whether you have a date or not, get a special card, or dive into chocolates and those message heart candies, everyone deserves to spend some time with the ones they love. Take the time to make someones day special and remind them with words or a little V-day card how much you love them. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend :)

Will you see Valentine’s Day?

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