Beautiful Fam

My family was in town this past weekend and although hectic, it was extremely nice to see some familiar faces. We hit up Park Chow, The Ferry Building farmers markets, and San Tung, a Chinese/Korean restaurant on Irving and apparently THE PLACE TO-BE (we had reservations and still had to wait 30 minutes). Some of our weekends shananigans through pics…

Park Chow

{Cousin Hannah :)}
{Garden vegetable noodles with tofu and veggies}
{The little one digging into his own chocolate cake ;)}

Farmers Market

{Korean beef “tacos” from Namu}

{My fav}

San Tung

{Doing the veggie thing}
{The spiciest Cham-pong ever!}
{“Black bean paste noodles” or in Korean Jajangmyun. This is a must try for everyone!}

And to top things off, we got to spend some time with Dolly and Dixie (not pictured), thanks to Julia and Patrick!

{Miss Dolly}