Brave the Rain

Yesterday we set out to do some hardcore shopping downtown (by hardcore I mean it was raining, a weekend, and downtown means we would be there for hours). This would be my first attempt at taking the bus anywhere, but my roommate was determined to show me how it’s done. Even with the rain, we did pretty well; the only minor mishap was getting a total facial as we ran after several buses that weren’t ours and almost missing the one we had to catch. Thanks to our bus driver, he probably felt sorry for two helpless, measlys who were running in circles, who gladly waited for us to finally get on a bus.

It was a short trip from my apartment to Market and O’Farrell and the bus was pretty empty for it being a weekend (which was good considering I get nervous). $2 to get on and you can use the same pass if you jump on the bus within the 3 hours you got on.

{Arriving at Powell St.}
{Braving the Rain}

Wow, even though it was raining, there were tons of people out browsing, determined to find whatever it is their hearts desire. My roommate was on a mission to pick up some duds for her up coming trip to Australia and me, eeehh, just browsing to see what catches my eye (which to me is when you find the best things). I ended up picking up a brown trouser, a black cross over bag, and black tights with a zipper detail at the ankle (featured below).

{Black tights and Crossover bag from H&M}
{Disregard the pink highlight around the images, still working on my photo shop skills}

Overall, tiring, and wet, but I will most likely try this bus thing again.