Braving the Wind and Tackling the Shopping

Such a fabulous weekend of deals, steals, and heels… Ok not the heels part, ha! But seriously, in our efforts to tackle shopping downtown, Union, and on Chestnut, we were able to find exactly what our hearts desired, while also, picking up some great finds (stay tuned for these post later in the week). I want to hand it to my roomy for scouring the sale racks for my size, keeping focused, and sharing in all the do’s and dont’s of dressing room antics.

Some serious deals of the century:

Stumbled upon a garage sale in the Marina (heaven I tell you), came out with a bandage skirt at a boutique going-out-of-business sale (less than $15 folks), was very entertained while getting a $20 mani/pedi at Ciao Bella, picked up striped tops I’ve been lusting over, snagged not one but two shorts that are just darling, and last but  not least, scored at Bloomy’s with… that’s a surprise. hehe. I’ll fill you in next week, when it arrives ;)

{Love this place}

{Clearly, this wind is NOT ok!}
{“Special” edamame was soooo amazing! Sauteed in garlic and soy sauce, yum.}
{Got our nails did, purty}
{Vegan Chocolate cupcake from The Plant Cafe Organic}

Yes siry, even Tara (non-vegan roomy) has approved of these suckers! The greatest tasting thing, in my opinion. The Plant Cafe Organic, get it people!

Stay tuned for our garage sale finds and my oh-so-fabulous buy from Bloomingdales!