Broccolini Bruschetta

Broccolini prepared with garlic, chili flakes, and salt is my all time favorite! I could eat it alone all day everyday… but, with toasted bread it’s even better! After perfecting this dish, I’ve realized the juices from sauteing the garlic-y broccolini is the key to getting the perfect amount of crunch and softness in every bite. Enjoy!

Chili flakes
Salt & pepper
Olive oil

1. Turn the oven on broil.
2. Cut baguette into pieces and drizzle with olive oil and salt.
3. Once the oven is ready, toast the pieces of bread until the top is light brown (with my oven it only takes 3-5 minutes).
4. Wash and cut broccolini to desired size.
5. Saute olive oil, garlic, and chili flakes until garlic becomes a darker yellow.
6. Add broccolini and a little water. I like to add water so that the broc doesn’t burn and cooks fasters. The juices are then used to help soften the bread.
7. Salt and pepper to taste.
8. Chop up the broccolini so it fits on the individuals breads and serve!