Chilayo Sabor Mexicano

This is by far the BEST Mexican restaurant that I’ve had to date. Chilayo Sabor Mexicano has great vegan and vegetarian options, organic produce and meats, fresh sangrias, and to top it off an ever changing, spicy salsa bar! I’m a huge fan of salsa, I like to think of myself as a salsa connoisseur; usually a fan favorite of homemade pico de gallo, or any tomato, cilantro, onion, jalapeno pureed spicy mix. When I got the chance to use 9 different salsas at one sitting, I knew this place was heaven sent. Love. Love. Love!!!

I love the ruggedness of the walls and decor, the family style table, friendly staff, and the huge menu. This place is usually packed, so it’s obvious this is a great local spot; I know I’ll be making weekly pit stops here… I’m crossing my fingers that this place can change Tara’s (soon-to-be roomy) mind about good ole Mexican food ;)

What’s on the menu:

I ordered the veggie fajitas- a plate of rice, whole black beans, and mixed sauteed vegetables. They offer you corn or flour tortillas; never had flour tortillas that tasted  this good in my life, the corn were delish too!

If you live in the area, Chilayo Sabor  is definitely a must try! Huge on organic, sustainable ingredients and huge on traditional Mexican flavors! I’m obsessed.