Currently Craving

Karl Ossie two-tone leather biker vest // Reiss Maddison Jacket // Zara Safari Jacket // SANDRO Vertige leather-trimmed tweed jacket // AUBIN & WILLS Sliverthorne sequined tuxedo jacket // KARL Jacey snakeskin-effect leather jacket // ACNE Rita suede aviator jacket // AUBIN & WILLS Buckholme striped jersey blazer

I think one of the great things about doing outfit photos is learning about your personal style. You’re more likely to challenge yourself and think outside the box to utilize every piece in your closet. You’ll also find out what works on your body and what doesn’t (being able to see your outfit back in a photo can be a game changer). As ‘my’ style continues to grow and evolve I try to learn more about what I gravitate towards, what pieces are staples in my wardrobe, and what can transition from day and night. Like I mentioned before, I try to make every purchase a conscious, well thought out decision (it’s gotta be versatile and work in my closet).

Lately, I’ve noticed I gravitate toward what I like to call the third piece. I’m completely dressed and right before I’m out the door I add either a vest, lightweight jacket, or blazer. I not only love layering for the look (you’ll always look a little more pulled together) but also the function (I get cold and the weather in sf is finicky). So, today’s Currently Craving is dedicated to all those third pieces I’d love to have in my closet… the Karl Ossie biker vest is so dreamy (sigh).

What are your thoughts on the third piece? Love it or not a big deal?