Filmore St. Catch Up Sesh

Wow, I never thought I would do this much walking in my life. Welcome to the no car zone! Saturday I nearly walked the entire city of SF …ok, not really, but seriously walked from Filmore around the Marina to Franklin st. TWICE! My calves are getting larger by the second, but, I guess, everything else is getting smaller, woohoo!

I headed to Filmore in search of a new daily planner (at Jonathan Adler and Paper-source), met Kate for a catch up sesh, and ate lunch at the new Mexican restaurant, Taco Bar. Taco Bar was good, organic, fresh, but no Chilayo.. as for a daily planner, I finally found the perfect one from Barnes and Noble!  P.S. Paper-Source + Me = a kid in a candy store ♥

{Taco Bar. Took photos of everything but the food, woops}

{I ♥ this bag}

{Miss Kate tops us all off and owns the largest bags. She picked up this Grey56 leather tote in New York, check it out here on Etsy.}

{She’s retired these. I’m doing the rent-a-bag thing. yay for friends with great bags. thanks dear}

Hope you had a wonderful weekend