As mentioned a couple times, last week I had the opportunity to shoot with Gap Inc. It was probably one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my professional life. The shoot was about real life Gap fans showing how they style one or some of their favorite pieces from any of the Gap brands. I think what made this opportunity so special was the fact that I’ve been wearing Gap since I was 8 years old and continue to shop there for all my basics. The idea of working with a brand that you’ve loved all your life is special in itself.

Unfortunately, the photoshoot was for internal use and won’t be available to see anywhere public. If they decide to use my videos or photos (they shot 12 people and are using only 8) they’ll be up on my Facebook page within the year. A big thanks to Gap’s creative director who took the above shots on my camera.

I know many bloggers don’t talk about collaborations or don’t make a big deal of them, but I thought this experience was something to share because of the way it happened. Gap approached me after seeing a couple of my photos on their Facebook page (after being pinned to their Styld.by You board on Pinterest). Only because of my blog and social media could they have ever seen my photos and been able to approach me. It goes to show, when you put in the work and you put yourself out there (even if you’re not the biggest blogger) opportunities arise. You never know, you could end up working with a brand you’ve loved since you were a kid =)

A couple highlights and things I learned:

  • – I booked an appointment at The Dry Bar early that morning. I thought, hey it’s Valentine’s Day and I have a photoshoot, why not? Yeah, not a good idea. All the stylist ran late which is no bueno when you have to be to the city in morning commute traffic.
  • – For some reason the stylist brushed all my curls out the second I got to the shoot…”wait no, that’s how it’s supposed to look!”
  • – Cameramen, videographers, and stylist do not like flyaways…. I have a thing with my hair, it has to have top volume and it has to be a little messy. That’s just the way it has to be! Unfortunately, they won’t have it. All my flyaways kept getting hair sprayed down which also meant flat straight hair. BIG time sad face. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I never ever wear my hair straight. It’s just not cute. So, I was pretty disappointed in the way my hair looked for the photos.
  • – I was in the elevator with the CFO of Gap Inc. No big deal!
  • – Working for a retail giants means lots of well dressed employees. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stylish people in one place.
  • – Being under bright lights and answering interview questions to the camera might be the scariest thing ever. Let’s just say my palms were sweaty lol.
  • – Working with creatives in any and all fields is so much fun. The crew at Gap was absolutely amazing and gracious and I feel so blessed to have worked with them.