Happy Earth Day!

Come one, come all. Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day,  a day sought out and designed to inspire awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s environment. Although we should be conserving and taking care of our planet everyday, sometimes we fall of the wagon… and by we I can definitely speak for myself.  Today is the perfect day to stop and think… smell the roses, breathe in the air, and see this earth as a living creature rather than just somewhere we live. For me this day is just a reminder of the contributions I’ve been making to help keep this planet alive and well; a reminder of  what this planet is and what it provides for us : water, shelter, food, homes, pictures, family, life… I can’t tell you how much we (I) take this planet earth for granted. Today, I will rededicate myself to improving this planet, that I’ve been so graciously placed, and do my part to take of her. I will:

1. Stop and think about where I’m throwing my garbage.

2. Recycle more often (create cute bins during craft time).

3. Completely do away with plastic bottles and actually buy a water bottle (this has been on my to-do list for a year now).

4. Use less paper napkins.

5. Walk more, drive less (No excuse now that I live in a city).

6. Eat more locally grown meals, shop farmer’s markets, and BYOB.

7. Live.learn.eat.breathe. sustainability.

Happy Earth Day!

Do your part folks. Us together can make a difference.