Happy Holidays

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I absolutely love this time of year; the crisp weather, scarfs, family time, gatherings, pumpkin pie, wine, movies, cuddling, and the best holiday of the year, Black Friday!!! Tomorrow we are not only giving thanks, but we will be celebrating my 25th birthday. I wish I could say, I love Thanksgiving for that exact reason, amazing food and bday festivities, but I happen to not care for turkey, stuffing, or cranberry sauce. No, this has nothing to do with my veganisms; I’ve had my mom make me spaghetti ever since I was a little girl… I’ve always been a bit strange

This year I will be spending tomorrow with some extended family, aka the bf’s family, where they’ve been so gracious to change up the menu a bit to cater to my vegan ways; this is supposed to be a surprise birthday special, but I’ve kinda figured it out ;)  Can’t wait to be sitting around the table with loved ones feasting and drinking.

What will I be doing over the next four days?

  • Thanksgiving dinner= Birthday, lots of food and wine, and lots of sweets!
  • Putting up the Christmas tree
  • Downloading John Legend’s Christmas album
  • Keeping the Thanksgiving movie tradition alive and going to see Love and Other Drugs
  • Black Friday here we come!

What are your plans for this Thanksgiving holiday? Will you up and early to shop Black Friday?