Horoscopes with The Saturn Sisters and Loft

Loft denim dressLoft chambray tunic dress // Loft striped bateau tee // Loft x Saturn Sisters Sagittarius horoscope tote

Loft Sagitarius astrological tote

Loft striped shirt

Loft striped shirt

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Astrological Loft totes

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I’ve never been that girl who reads her horoscope daily or even monthly. Every now and then when I come across something online or in a magazine, I’ll read what the stars and planets have to say about my current situation or future. While I may not do it as often as I’d like, every time I do read my horoscope they’re always spot on and exactly what I need for a little boost. It’s like “oh my gawd, yesss” or “that’s exactly what I needed to hear.” Does anyone else have this experience when they read their horoscope? To help celebrate my birthday next month and all the Sagittarii out there, I’ve teamed up with Loft to share the cutest astrological tote bags by the Saturn Sisters. Not only can you rep your zodiac sign in bag form, the Saturn Sisters are giving you daily and monthly horoscope updates on loft.com (read yours here)!

If you’re a Sagittarius, things are looking up. According to the Saturn Sisters, our career potential is currently off the charts, blowing up in a way that may seem surreal. Um, I’ll take it! Nothing like a few positive words as I head into a big birthday next month.

S H O P  T H E  L O O K

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