With only 3 days until Christmas, I’m finally allowing myself to get into the holiday spirit. I’ve spent this week wrapping presents, writing holiday cards, baking cookies,  and spending time with the roomies. I l-l-l-l-love the month of December, I catch myself peeking into windows to catch the lights on a tree, leaning toward all things sparkle, and blasting Christmas music… Almost wish we could have the tree up all year long :)

We have a very hectic schedule visiting all the fam; San Jose, Livermore, Oakland, and then we are off to Portland for the New Year.  Crazy madness, but all very worth it!

{ I ♥ our pretty tree}

{Thank you Tara for these ornaments. s.o.f.l.i.p.p.e.n.c.u.t.e!}

{Holidays = sparkles! OPI Bring On The Bling}

{Rain-rain-go-away, but you make beautiful rainbows ;)}

{Anthro monogram coffee cup from the roomie}

Wishing everyone a very

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year