It Truly is the Little Things

{via:  1812overture }

I’m having THE best day today (and I didn’t even workout )! Maybe it’s because of my beautiful nail polish, hmmm?

{MAC Nail Lacquer: Creamy Steamy}

Just wanted to give a little shout out to those in my life- it truly is the little things :)

phone calls from new york. cousins in Portland.
pink nail polish. laughing with my aunt.
San Francisco. a roommate that is also a friend.
soy ice cream sandwiches. coffee. reading.
blogging. pretty pictures.
someone else doing your laundry. I love you’s.
being able to wake up next to someone. kind words.
comments. days off. getting pictures developed.
meeting new friends. new adventures..

Now, if only they had either of those dresses below in my size at the store… my day would be that much greater ;)

Hope you all are having a wonderful hump day!