Karen and Chris’s Costa Rica Wedding

{groom and groomsmen}

{wedding destination aka paradise}

{my stud}


{best men}

{groom’s side of the family}

{sunset shot. wearing a one shoulder tobi dress}

{such a magical place to get married. bride is in a D & G gown}

{intimate dinner at one large table}

Karen and Chris tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on the beach just in time for sunset. There’s something so magical about seeing a couple get married on the beach; bare feet in the sand, hearing the ocean in the background, fresh air, it’s all just so serene. I think the greatest thing about a destination wedding is it’s intimacy. We all sat at a long table, best men and maids of honor gave speeches, parents shared their love, we all cried, and we all felt the love for the couple and from the couple. Such a special day… what you don’t see is us (too many glasses of wine results in no photos) lighting sky lanterns on the beach and letting them go in the sky, dancing the night away, and the entire party getting pushed in the pool with our clothes on.  Such a special day and night.