making me happy…

Pictures are powerful. They provoke all kinds of emotions; from happy to sad to hungry and even giddy. They inspire, empower, and can change my mood in a instance and this is the exact reason i spend so much time flipping through digital prints! Here are a few that are making me smile…

{bright, colorful dessert, on cloud nine}

{makes me think, summer! can’t wait to be in a bikini, dress, and wayfarers}

{i’m currently craving this, so spring and such a statement. the size and color, blissful}

{hi, can it be summer? makes me smile and excited about blue skies, beach time, friends, and shorts}

{too cute! a fashionista in the city with pizza, makes my heart pitter patter}

{all my favs in one frame; wine, strawberries, chalkboard. my kinda cozy}

{now this is just genius. yummy, pretty, cute, colorful, sweet}

{i could stare at this all day. inspired by her infectious smile}

Wishing everyone a happy and pretty