Making up for a lousy Sunday

I had one of those interesting weekends… Half was good; farmers market, and some gfs came up for dinner and some drinks. The other half, not so good;  finding my car broken into on Sunday morning :( … I am thankful nothing was stolen, but talk about frustrating!

Even though Sunday was rough, I made an effort to enjoy my Monday off with some simple favorites:

Found a quaint Italian eatery on Steiner and Chestnut. Seriously Yelped Parma as we walked down to the Marina, had great reviews, so we decided to stop in. Good wine, and tasty bruschetta… great prices for Italian in SF.

After dinner we headed to Eastside West. This place always has a line wrapped around the corner, so I thought it would be the perfect spot to take my lady friends… First time here and I would say good music, $6 beers, and that’s about it!

Love, love, love Jovino! I love the ambiance, menu, location, and I must say, their soy cafe au lait is superb!  A simple white tank, my favorite sweater, and coffee… Ahhh perrrfect day!

This salad is to die! I still can’t get over the price ($5), the perfect spiced dressing, and the complexity of it all. This could top my list of best salads ever!

We headed to Bluelight Cinema 5 in Cupertino to watch The Blind Side. I had never even heard of this movie theatre throughout my 24 years of living in San Jose, but to my surprise we we’re in for a nice treat. We got there and realized movie tickets were $3.75 each and every week they have $2 Tuesdays. Alright, alright, yes it’s a little too good-to-be-true. Obviously, this theatre features older movies (by this I mean movies that have been in theaters for a couple months), but perfect for me, as I’m usually a month late in seeing movies anyway ;) You might want to check this place out, pretty legit.

To fulfill my sweet tooth I picked up  this chocolate on chocolate vegan cupcake from Whole Foods (I forget what it said, but I believe these are from a Santa Cruz bakery).  The cake was absolutely delicious, moist and chewy, but the frosting was a bit too sweet for my liking. Definitely worth trying though, even for you non-vegan peeps!