Monday Morning with Chocolate Covered Pretzels

{via: Craft Gossip}

Good morning 

Hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxing weekend. I found this delicious and amazing photo of my favorite snack/dessert and thought it was picture perfect for a Monday morning!

I’ve been obsessed with chocolate covered pretzels for some time now… the simplicity of the creation, the beautiful decorative candies, and let’s not forget, they’re fantastic-  pretzels and chocolate are probably the best combination, only second to chocolate and peanut butter ;) I’m hoping to finally put this concoction together when I head to Portland Oregon for my uncle’s 40th birthday bash in a couple of weeks; party time + kiddies + fam bam + Nicole + Nicole’s kitchen= the best time to make these candy coded marvels.

My Weekend :

Caught up with the roomy,

went to a kiddies birthday party (hello kitty meets elmo),

had a taste of Zao’s Noodle Bar with someone special,

and grabbed a cocktail at Joya.

Stay tuned for a new food blog, and more site changes to come…

Happy Monday