Must SEE and DO in Portland

So, it’s official, I’ll be off to Portland Oregon for Christmas this year. I will be visiting my aunt Nicole, aka my BFF, and her family! I love this city and can’t wait to step off the plane to the smell of winter, and the pinch of a 10 degree wind chill. I’ll truly be going from a bare apartment (all packed up for my move) to the furnishings of a Christmas tree, stockings, decorations, smell of gingerbread houses and munchkins running around. I’ll be reminded of my childhood memories and what this time of year is really about; family, love, giving, and happiness.

I’ve said this plenty of times before, but for all that don’t know, I love the city of Portland. Beautiful, peaceful, friendly, calm, active, great shopping, environmental friendly, and fun eateries; seriously, all of the above. It’s hard to explain to folks here in the Bay Area what Portland is all about because everyone has already made assumptions. But, Portland has everything they have here and more. The scenery is pretty, the people are pleasant, the shopping is amazing (no sales tax), the only thing is, the weather is a bit dreary. It’s similar but SO different, if that makes sense. I’m telling you, I’ll probably be living here in 10 years.

After spending several winters and summers in Portland, specifically, West Linn, I have come to develop must SEE’s and DO’s when I come to visit.  Here is a list of things I like to see and do:

Eat at Pizzicato– this is my favorite eatery on earth! They do pizza by the slice and have fabulous salads. I’m obsessed with the Chinese Chop! No joke, I could eat this salad everyday.

Spinaci Salad and Sausage Combo Pizza by the Slice

Shopping and a Movie at Bridgeport– Newer development. Great shops, eateries, and also includes a new movie theater. Love to stop in at Urban Outfitters, M.A.C., American Apparel, and the Apple Store, while also browsing at Borders and Crate and Barrel. Fun spot for shopping and gelato on a Saturday afternoon with my favorite cousins!

Regal Cinemas Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 & IMAX

Shopping on 23rd– A street in downtown Portland with cute boutiques, beautiful scenery, and quaint eateries. A great place to window shop, and stroll up and down the street with your favorite girl friends.

Saturday Market– Head downtown to the Saturday Market at Portland University. It’s consistently ranked as one of the best farmers markets in the country. I love the energy, environment, and all the great local vendors. Great food, music, and fun!

Saturday Market in downtown Portland

Pearl District–  A newly renovated area, the Pearl District offers a high quality of life rich in culture and diversity. The one thing that makes the Pearl stand out is, with new development came many LEED (Green building rating system) designs and Eco-friendly transportation options. The Pearl, also offers an amazing assortment of cultural activities including theater, music and art galleries. In fact, this is Design Central for home with more then 70 stores! This is the ideal location for the best of Portland’s dining establishments, and chic and trendy fashion. The Pearl District is not only beautiful, but you can also experience a simpler, greener lifestyle.

The Pearl District, Portland Oregon
The Pearl District, Portland Oregon