My Best Buys Yet!

So, let’s be honest here, I’ve done quite a bit of shopping since I’ve landed in one of the greatest shopping meccas of the world. But, as I’ve been settling in and living amongst all the native San Franciscans, I realized I was missing a couple of essential items of San Francisco living… A couple of weeks ago I somehow (hmmmm?) landed in the handbag department of Bloomingdale’s and stumbled upon an oh-so-lust-worthy Foley and Corinna Disco City Leather Crossbody handbag. Talk about perfect timing; I’ve been waiting to purchase one of these for a while now, not just because it’s just darling, I mean come on, but it’s functionality and utility is PERF! And not to mention, it was 50% off, SCORE!

To top it off, I found the most gorgeous ballet flats on the planet! With all the walking going on, I needed another go-to pair of flats I could count on (check out my roomy’s post on her fav flats). I had scoured the Internet for nude or blush patent leather ballet flats, and had no luck. Just when I thought they couldn’t be found, Nordstroms Rack to the rescue. These beauties  are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I know everyone loves a black ballet flat, but  let me tell you, nude is classic and has a summer touch…. tans the new black people!

Love my new purchases if I do say so myself… hey they’re serving purpose and they just happen to be super cute!