New Addition: Glasses

It’s official, I need glasses. I think it’s funny, seeing as though my 26th birthday is just around the corner. Makes me really feel like I’m getting old.

After many years of not being able to see while driving at night and working on the computer all day everyday, it was about that time I get my eyes checked. … yes, I haven’t had an eye exam ever! With the influence of family and friends, I always thought I couldn’t see at night while driving due to my height (I sit right in the view of brake lights). Every thing is always blurry and if it starts raining, I’m done, blur central! The doc has confirmed, it has nothing to do with my height, I’m near sided, and my right eye is three times worse than my left. Gosh, when he shows you what clarity looks like, it’s SOO amazing!

I’m ecstatic to start seeing clearly and more excited to find a cute pair of glasses! Would love to hear any of your recommendations.

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