Obsessions: Home Decor

Well… more like good afternoon. What are you up to this weekend? I have a busy, but fun-filled weekend ahead, details on they’re way…

The apartment dynamics may be changing soon, (all good things), but as I think more and more about the idea of this, I’ve had the urge to pick up a few more home décor items that I think would make the apartment even more cute-sy, home-y, lovely- adding a bit more of a crystalin/tara-esq touch to it :) Here are some of the few things I’ve been craving… some more lust-worthy, some more practical:

This is so us!

{via Made By girl}

Obsessed with these monogrammed mugs.

{via Anthropologie}

Absolutely adore this! And clearly engrossed with all things pink

{via Made by Girl}

I love these bowls; white, simple, and big!

{via ikea}

This would be perf in our spacious living room!

{via Ork Posters}

This has a C and T written all over it!

{via Sourdoughsf}