Oh Bachelor

I was so trilled for the season finale of the Bachelor and to my surprise I was also in store for the After the Final Rose show… Oh Chris Harrison you’ve done me proud! This will be my first show of the entire season without my Bachelor in crime roommate, but I’m sure she’s doing better things in lovely Australia with the beau, I mean LGR (lets get real).

Obviously, you know I’m disappointed in Jake’s choice! I knew what to expect, but that didn’t mean my heart wasn’t broken for Tenley. The most precious thing going through another heart break, was pretty devastating to see… I don’t fair well with men right now, uuhh! I will say that after seeing Vienna and Jake together on the After the Final Rose show, it appears they are in love (at least they did something with her hair :)). Well… I mean physical chemistry can only last so long Jake. I really hope you made the right choice and I don’t happen to see US Magazine at the grocery store in a couple of weeks with splits-ville. As for Tenley dear, it’s better now than later… been there done that.

And Allie, you were a bit awkward last night, but I will tune in to see what you have to offer in my “reality” TV fix. AND even though we all know Jason Mesnick is a complete douche, I will be tuning in to the wedding… what can I say, I’m a sucker for sappy, reality TV.

What are your thoughts on last nights season finale?