On Repeat

{Gap DIY jeans (same idea) + belt, BDG chambray, Zara blazer (similar), Schutz booties (similar), 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel, Asos spike bracelet, Sequin chain link bracelet (similar), Poshlocket arrow cuffs c/o}

Every single one of the items above have been on a weekly rotation lately. Sometimes I feel like it’s a lack of inspiration and other times I think, yup, I’m getting my moneys worth. When I wear anything that resembles something else, Mike says, “haven’t you already worn that?” The answer is most likely yes, but for me, my blog is not about wearing a new piece every day, rather it’s about showing how to rework the same pieces into different outfits. I don’t think guys get that, ha.

What are you favorite parts of a style blog? Seeing new pieces, seeing the same items different ways? I’d love to hear your thoughts.