One Step Closer to Finding a 3rd…

I’ve had a blast from the past recently and have been reunited with a gf from high school, who is now joining me on my journey through San Francisco.  Tara landed her dream job in the Financial District and will be shacking up in the room across the hall from me. Shout out to Lisa for bringing the two of us together, thank you! (special post later, blogger to blogger, dedicated to Tara).

As Tara and I have been catching up and spilling secrets from the last 7 years, we have also been on the search for our 3rd roommate and hope to finalize everything this Saturday (fingers crossed). I  can’t wait for all the stress to be over and the fun and excitement of new roomy love to begin! I’m not a fan of the whole moving process but I’m definitely in need of some Spring cleaning!

This whole process of filling vacancies and being reintroduced to a gf from the past has me thinking about good ole girly fun and the idea of much needed roommate time… reminds of the younger years when your gf’s were the most important thing… when boys, job, working out, and bills didn’t matter :)

Quality.Time.Together …

Other things planned for this weekend:

1. Meeting the roomies bf (shout out!)

2. Interviews and lease signing

3. Jovino

4. Delarosas

5. Mimosas and/or sangria’s

Happy Weekend to everyone! What are you up to?