Park Chow

I was told to check out Park Chow for a fun atmosphere and good food. First off, this place is far! I know I haven’t been to many parts of the City, but I seriously had no idea Inner Sunset was across town status (we took a cab and it was about $10 + each way). We walked in and we’re told to sit anywhere, we headed toward the back and sat next to the fireplace. The restaurant was pretty packed, warm, and had that wood-sy, cabin feeling. Besides the overall look of the restaurant, I couldnt help but hear chatter and laughter among all the tables, it just felt so cozy.

I liked that the menu offered organic, vegetarian, and vegan friendly options and all at a decent price.. Along with a glass of wine (duh) I ordered a side of roasted vegetables and a medium penne, tomato garlic pasta (featured above). They had other vegan options like polenta, wild rice and veggies, but settled on the pasta and side veggies because I knew what I was getting rather than take a chance and be disappointed. The pasta was excellent; simple, garlic-y, with a great tang to the sauce…3 glasses of wine, an appetizer, 2 entrees, and 1 side dish came out to $49. Talk about great prices! Its too bad this place is 90 miles away, definitely could have been a regular on my dining list.