Snapshots from Santa Barbara

{Los Arroyos is a hidden gem. some of the best mexican food i’ve had in a while}

{view of our hotel from the beach}

{sorbet and gelato from Spoon on State Street}

{such a pretty sunset}

{spent the day riding beach cruisers… although I almost got hit my a Fedex truck, I had a blast}

{so jealous… must do this in warmer water}

{Mike’s seasonal salad from State & Fig was so pretty}

{the best garlic fries from State & Fig}

{played on this field for two years. breathtaking views to say the least!}

{spent our last meal at Bucatini}

Between Instagram and the blog, I hope you’re not sick of all my Santa Barbara pictures yet lol. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be back in the city I have so many great memories in … between the carefree college days, two years of soccer, consecutive beach days, and the beginning stages of my relationship with Mike, Santa Barbara holds a very special place in my heart and it felt great to be back.

Overall, the weather was amazing. Never too hot or cold and perfect for the beach. We didn’t have too many things scheduled, which to me is the best part of a vacation. Honestly, I could have ate and laid on the beach all-day-every-day. We did spend the day at Butterfly Beach (pictures to come), a place Mike holds dear and near, aka, where he spent most of his academic days rather than in class, ha.

A quick trip, yes, but it was just what we needed. Quality time without computers in one of the most beautiful cities ever… I should do this more often!