As I’ve been out and about enjoying the sunshine these past couple of days, I couldn’t help but keep noticing a very common, understated, San Francisco look that I really, really like. I’ve been picking up on these statement pieces for a while now, but decided to make a mention of it today only after a beautiful weekend outdoors.

I know it has to do with city living because when I go to Portland I see this look and on my visit to New York last year I noticed it as well. I would call this city style; casual, classic, day pieces, yet so put together. This is the very difference between living in a city and living anywhere else. Every piece below really screams female, San Francisco; Tory Burch flats, cardigans, boots, chunky rings and watches, aviators, wayfarer Ray Bans, Longchamp Le Pliage tote, scarves, crossover bag, and to top it off walking hand and leash with your little pooch.

I love the casualness of it all; jeans, flats, cardigan, and a great bag… how can you go wrong? I think I may have fallen into my dream world. Only thing is, it makes me what a dog (and we all know that would be a disaster right now :)).

Get the look: