Sunset Catamaran Cruise

{leaving shore}

{stunning views and a ton of booze}

{docked the boat and we all jumped in}

{front of the catamaran- tan shesh}

{my first ever piña colada}

{paddle boarding for 2 – yeah, didn’t work}

{I think we both fell in right after this shot}

{the sunset was just breath taking}

The sunset catamaran cruise was one of the highlights of our trip. Beautiful weather, open bar, breath taking views, and a sunset that was just magical. I experienced my first piña colada, faced my fear of jumping off the boat, and stood up on my first paddle board experience. We were met by a ton of unexpected jelly fish, in which, a group of us got bit (including the bf) but nothing a little vinegar couldn’t take care of. No doubt, an experience of a lifetime!