Sweet Little Lies

As you have noticed, I have a little obsession with Ms. Conrad. I never would have thunk it, but yes, I read her first novel, LA Candy. I’ll admit it, I miss the LC days on the Hills. Lauren’s first book was an easy, gossipy read, but allows readers to understand the behind the scenes of taping a reality show. For those of you who watch  the Hills, the book gives you an inside look at how everything goes down; getting mic’d up, release forms, scheduled hangouts, edits, and having to re-do scenes.

Last week Lauren set out on her book tour with the new release of Sweet Little Lies the second novel of her “LA Candy” series. Sweet Little Lies picks up right where LA Candy left off; Jane learns the drawbacks of her new found fame when racy photos of her are leaked on the Internet (sound familiar?). Lauren hopes Sweet Little Lies will dive a little deeper into the story of reality-TV star Jane Roberts and her life in the Hollywood spotlight. Considering I could watch rerun episodes of the Hills all day, you know I will be picking up Sweet Little Lies in order to maintain my LC Hills fix (I know, I know I’m a sucker for reality TV).

Lauren will be at Cooperfield today for her San Francisco signing!

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Will you read Sweet Little Lies?