The Dilemma of the Century

If you’ve talked to me in the last week or so, you know I’ve been stressed to the maximum capacity! We ended up loosing the apartment, and now searching for a 2 bedroom in the same general area (Pac Heights, Marina). Tara and I did some apt hunting yesterday, and let’s just say, we are in for it! I was slapped with the reality of SF living, something I have yet to experience considering I was plopped into the most gorgeous, spacious apt in all of SF, without even looking!

We’ve realized if you go BIG, you go old and if you go NEW, you go 800 sq ft status! I’m a sucker for new amenities; bathroom, kitchen, dishwasher, etc, but to get that we would settle for rooms I can barely fit my bed. If I want a decent size room to fit my bed and random clutter, the amenities are so old and the kitchens are pretty pathetic… either I’ll end up skin and bones due to the fact I would never step foot in the kitchen, or I would be ginormous bc I’ll be eating take out every night! Do we go big and old or small and new…I’m sure this is the dilemma everyone faces in this City…Welcome to San Francisco apt living!  AAAAHHHHH what to do! We have one last weekend to continue our search, wish us luck!