The Not-So-Boyfriend Denim Shorts

{Stylemint Broadway tee, Gap DIY denim shorts, jacket (similar), + belt (similar), Nine West sandals (similar), Classic Coach crossbody worn as clutch, necklace: brand unknown}

I have quite the pairs of boyfriend denim shorts in my closet, however, they’re not so boyfriend approved. I always think it’s funny when the guys have something to say about what we wear. Mike isn’t really a fan of the oversized jean short because of the way they look in the rear- big and oversized, aka not fitted. I get it. But, I always have to remind him, I’m not dressing for you, I’m dressing for me. And I mean this in the best way possible. I’ve never been one to dress for… men. It’s just not me and I’m ok with that… and most of the time, so is he =)

What do you think. Do you like to get your significant other’s input on outfits?

Also, I’m over on L.A. in the Bay talking Vegas fashion. Be sure to check it out!

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  • Um, I don’t care what my boyfriend thinks…ever. He goes to work with pen stains on his shirt :) But I love these DIY’d bf’s. And the entire outfit. I want it.

  • This post is so funny Crystalin as the BF and I were JUST having this discussion literally last night. He blatantly said ” I dress for me, not for you babe” Well damn, SLAP! But it makes sense. I think (in relationships) we do dress for ourselves, but I also think we subliminally want a dose of approval from the partner….it always is nice when you think the other looks CUTE in their clothes….but then again, he hates when I wear red lipstick….like HATES…and guess what, I STILL WEAR IT! So I take his input in doses…but we never have the ” Do I look fat in this convo”….and I’m proud I never feel the need to ask!
    xoxo Purple Paparazzi

    • @Purple Paparazzi- I love your comment! Pretty much sums up exactly how I feel. Definitely feels good when they like it, but when they don’t, I’ll take it in doses lol :)

  • Haha! My boyfriend often comments that he does not like what I am wearing. I know his style by now – guys like simple things. Yes, if it something little bit of ordinary, it’s a no no. At least in my case scenario. But as you, I don’t really mind when bf does not like something. I love fashion and Iget it it’s not always for ‘men.’ :) I love your attitude!

    • @Andrea- It’s tough! I used to buy shoes that were too big and use shoe inserts because I was pretty desperate. Bad idea. A lot of those have been sold or thrown out. My new rule is to only buy if it fits, which also means passing up some pretty cute shoes :(. I’ve actually been pretty successful with Asos.

  • I’m the same way! I’m sure my husband would love to see me in dresses and skirts all the time, but I rarely am… :)

    Love these shorts! And that pony tail! V cute!

  • I love these shorts–I’ve been on the search for a perfect pair of boyfriend shorts and I can’t seem to find them anywhere–I’m about to just DIY a pair as well!

    The Glossy Life

  • You look so cute and casual in this outfit! I totally agree about dressing for yourself and not a boyfriend because there are so many cute trends to try and a lot of times boys don’t get them! If I’m going on a first date I’ll try and dress a little more “boy friendly” (aka no colored jeans or super trendy things) but then after that it’s fair game!

  • Well I think you look adorable. I for some reason love the look of petite women in oversized items (if done right, like you have here). And it is funny because I have an almost identical post about this (my bf is confused by boyfriend jeans as well!)
    What do they know anyways!? Pretty sure most men would like it if body-con dresses were everywhere appropriate!

  • I concur…on your words and the lovely look! :)

    Btw – how do you put the rips/tears on the shorts? They look as though they came that way.

  • Love love love this outfit! There something about orange and army green that I like so much and I love how you have paired them together!
    I’m lucky that my husband really never minds what I wear, though he would say “You look beautiful” or “love that” when he thinks so, which I think is nice ;)
    And I’ve also been one of those who dresses for herself, not for the guys, not for the girls, just me and what I feel comfortable in ;)

  • this look is super cute! i really like that jacket!

    my bf rarely makes negative comments on what i wear and often compliments me; and i am the same way with him! although i know he feels the same way about ‘baggy’ bottoms as your bf – tighter is better :)