The Not-So-Boyfriend Denim Shorts

{Stylemint Broadway tee, Gap DIY denim shorts, jacket (similar), + belt (similar), Nine West sandals (similar), Classic Coach crossbody worn as clutch, necklace: brand unknown}

I have quite the pairs of boyfriend denim shorts in my closet, however, they’re not so boyfriend approved. I always think it’s funny when the guys have something to say about what we wear. Mike isn’t really a fan of the oversized jean short because of the way they look in the rear- big and oversized, aka not fitted. I get it. But, I always have to remind him, I’m not dressing for you, I’m dressing for me. And I mean this in the best way possible. I’ve never been one to dress for… men. It’s just not me and I’m ok with that… and most of the time, so is he =)

What do you think. Do you like to get your significant other’s input on outfits?

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