The Perfect LBS (little black skirt)

{SheInside stripe tee c/o, By Corpus camo jacket (similar), SheInside black skirt c/o, Asos sandals (similar), J.Crew Factory and Forever 21 necklaces layered, vintage Coach shoulder bag}

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the huge tree sticking out of my head. Hey, when the lighting is right and you’re on the run, you kinda gotta work with what you got =).

Anyway, I had seen this style of skirt in a couple of photos on Tumblr and thought it was super cute, but had no idea how amazing it would be on my petite frame. It’s so unbelievably flattering and comfortable, I want to slip into it every chance I get! Don’t be surprised if you see this one again in the coming weeks…

If you’re on the search for this drop waist/ruffle style, I would 100% recommend this one from SheInside. It has a bit of texture, flows really nicely, and has a comfortable elastic waist.