The Ruffled Dress that got Away

{via: Roxy.com}

Last year I fell in love with several ruffle dresses a girlfriend had. When I went out to find my perfect dress, I had no luck;  either sold out, too long, or no where to be found.  So, recently when I was looking at summer dresses for a  birthday party in a couple weeks, I was immediately drawn to theses ruffled dresses- the one that got away.  Although I’m trying to stick with something in my closet- they’re several dresses in there I have yet to wear, I thought a little browsing couldn’t hurt… :)

Just my luck, I spotted these, {pictured above and those below}.  With dresses this stunning and at a bargain, I caught myself justifying buying several, hehe.  Oh, my shopping addiction, how you get the best of me! Whether or not I order any, I definitely thought I should share these with you.