Timeless Timepiece

Timeless Timepieces

My 2010 goal for shopping accessories is to make investments in only classic pieces. I’m coming in at that right old age where the right purchase can last me a lifetime (especially when it comes to accessories). Every female needs a classic flat, boot, tote, sandal and statement piece, but of all the classic staples in our wardrobe, the one that stands out to me the most, is a timeless watch. For some reason or another, a watch screams for my attention; I will notice a bold timepiece anytime, male, female, young, or old.

In my book, a timepiece is sophisticated, bold, classic, elegant, timeless, simple, and evokes a sense of style. A bold watch speaks for itself and brings me confidence… it’s almost like it’s my stand in, my clutch, my plus-one, my go-to. Added to any ensemble, a classic watch, is a way to create a signature in  your style while also exhibiting classic consistency. My kinda gem is chunky, minimal, classy, bold, with a bit of sparkle! Someone who adorns a beautiful watch is a person that has taken the time to do their homework, and I can truly appreciate that.

The classic watches above are just some of the ones I adore. From left to right: Michele ‘Deco’ Bracelet Watch, Michael Kors  Ceramic and Crystal Watch (white), Michael Kors Ceramic and Crystal Watch (black), Michele ‘Deco’ Diamond Stainless Steel Watch, David Yurman Thoroughbred 25mm Quartz, Micahel Kors ‘Gold Catwalk’ Chronograph Watch , Bvlgari-Bvlgari, Cartier Tank Franaise Small 18k.

With that said, here’s to 2010, to finding a (several) classic timepiece(s)… if you see anything up my alley, send me a link!

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