Trousers: My Kinda Pant

Clearly, I’m obsessed with trousers right now. I just got this pair from the Gap on sale for $24.99. Since I can’t get enough, I thought I would at least share with you what I look for in a comfortable, classic, tailored pant and what I would wear them with.

My kinda pant:

1. Hip Slung: Trousers that sit comfortably at the hip,or above, not too tight, not too loose.

2. Wide: One that is wide-legged but doesn’t have too much of a flare.

3.  Pattern and Color: A color or pattern for a more casual, everyday look and black for a more formal or going-out look.

4.  Loops: Yes to the belt loops. Because my trouser sits on or above the hip, I like to tuck in my tops, which means I’ll need a belt to create definition.

5. Long: The longer the pant, the better.

6. Structure: Although it’s a dressed down trouser, I like ones that are tailored; the seems, buttons, and pockets.

Here’s what I’ll wear them with…

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How do you like to wear these pants?